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Learning the Occult -will bring transformation in your life

In astrology, the 8th house is associated with transformation, shared resources, inheritance, death, sexuality, secrets, and the occult. The lord of the 8th house, also known as the ruler of the 8th house, refers to the planet that rules over the sign occupying the 8th house in an individual's birth chart. The position, aspects, and condition of the lord of the 8th house can provide insights into various aspects of a person's life. Here are some general effects of the lord of the 8th house in astrology:

  1. Transformation and Rebirth: The 8th house is connected to transformation and the lord of the 8th house signifies the area of life where major changes and transformative experiences may occur. It can indicate a person who goes through significant personal growth and evolves through challenging life circumstances.

  2. Shared Resources and Inheritance: The 8th house is also associated with shared resources, such as inheritance, investments, and joint finances. The lord of the 8th house can provide insights into how a person deals with these matters, including their ability to manage shared assets and handle financial partnerships.

  3. Intimacy and Sexuality: As the 8th house relates to intimacy, the lord of the 8th house can influence a person's attitude towards sexuality, emotional depth, and connections with others on a profound level. It may indicate a person who is intense, passionate, or secretive in their relationships.

  4. Occult and Mystical Interests: The 8th house is linked to the occult, metaphysics, and hidden knowledge. The lord of the 8th house can reflect a person's interest in these areas and their inclination towards esoteric subjects, psychic abilities, or spiritual practices.

  5. Psychological Depth and Inner Transformations: The lord of the 8th house may provide insights into a person's psychological tendencies and their capacity for self-analysis and inner transformation. It can indicate their ability to delve into the depths of their subconscious, uncover hidden motivations, and work through psychological challenges.

  6. Life and Death Matters: The 8th house is associated with life and death cycles, including mortality, longevity, and the experience of loss. The lord of the 8th house can offer indications about a person's attitude towards mortality, their approach to dealing with loss or grief, and their understanding of the impermanence of life.

It's important to remember that the effects of the lord of the 8th house will be influenced by the sign it occupies, its aspects with other planets, and its overall strength in the birth chart. The interpretation should be done in conjunction with other factors to gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual's astrological makeup. Check your horoscope to see where the 8 th house lord is placed.

8th lord in different houses effects;

if 8th house lord is placed in first house , person will have personality unliked by all as 8 th lord attributes are negative- accidents, death, litigation. but same person if he focuses on learning occutl , transformation , research and astrology , then there will be transformation in his life and his personality will be liked by all. Eg: Indira Gandhi s 8th house lord saturn is in 1 st house and she became prime minister of india in satrun dasha.

8 th lord in 2 nd house- Accumlation of wealth will be through the occult, astrology research transforamtion.

8 th lord in 3 rd house- Person gets courage, will power, memory, becasue of occult . In oshos chart 8th house lord jupiter is exalted in 3 rd house, he became expert in skills and mass speech, pravachan, writing books on sprituality.

8 th lord in 4 th house- Peson gets domestic happiness , peace of mind, realtions with mother- because of positive attributes of 8th house.

8 th house lord in 5th house- Intelligence,Progeny, success in love Affair, shares, activation of past punya karmas, giving advises -becasue of attributes of 8 th house

8th house lord in 6 th house- Success in Rog, rin and shatru , day to day life problems, job issues ,helping animals - Priyanka chopra s 8th house lord mars in 6th house.

8th lord in 7th house- success in marriage, partnership,business,foreing travel .

9th lord - Spirtual journey, higher learning, luck, solving all past problems, realtions with father will improve after learning the occult, astrology, research. eg: Gautam budhas horsocope 8th lord jupiter is in 9th house. Dhirendra krishna shastri , 8th lord mars in 9th house.

10th lord- Career sucess , public life problems,and best for career in astrology. eg is of P.V R NARSINHARAO, He became primeminister of India, as he adopted politics and he got rise in his career, as his 8th house lord is in 10th house. Same example is of Swami Vivekanand ji, his 8th lord Moon is in 10th house.

11th lord- Income and good friends

12 th lord- Protection from jails hospitals, and expenses. also foreign journey, settlement.

Here are some common astrological elements often found in the charts of influential spiritual leaders:

  1. Strong Pisces or Neptune Influence: Pisces is considered a sign associated with spirituality, compassion, and transcendence. Individuals with prominent Pisces placements, such as Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, or strong aspects to Neptune (ruler of Pisces), tend to have a natural inclination towards spiritual pursuits.

  2. Jupiter and Sagittarius Significance: Jupiter, the planet of expansion and higher knowledge, is often associated with spiritual growth and wisdom. Individuals with strong Jupiter placements or a significant emphasis on the sign of Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) in their charts may possess the qualities of a spiritual leader.

  3. Moon and Emotional Depth: The Moon represents emotions and the subconscious. Spiritual leaders often have a deep emotional connection to their spiritual path and can tap into profound insights. A prominent Moon placement, especially in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), can contribute to their spiritual depth.

  4. Pluto and Transformation: Pluto is linked to transformation, regeneration, and the deeper mysteries of life. Spiritual leaders often undergo significant personal transformations and facilitate transformative experiences for others. Strong Pluto aspects or placements can indicate a transformative influence in their chart.

  5. 12th House and Spiritual Connection: The 12th house is associated with spirituality, mysticism, and transcendence. A well-aspected or occupied 12th house can indicate a natural inclination towards spiritual pursuits and an ability to connect with higher realms.

  6. North Node and Life Purpose: The North Node represents the soul's evolutionary path and life purpose. Spiritual leaders often have a strong alignment between their North Node and their spiritual calling, indicating that their life's work is closely tied to their spiritual journey.


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