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Longevity in Lal kitab

In Lal kitab the longevity is predicted by the position of moon in the Janam Teva ( Kundli) Moon 's connection with Venus indicates 85 years age. Moon with male planet mars, Saturn , sun indicates 96 years of age. If moon is making connection with paap graha , Saturn rahu or Saturn ketu then longevity is 30 years .

If above combinations are not there then logetivity is 60 years.

If there is Saturn Jupiter conjunction in kundli in nay house, then logetivity is decided by planets in 11th house. incase 11th house is empty then logetivity is decided by moon 's position as described above.

Jupiter's planet position is very important in predicting the longevity. Condition is it shouldn't

be surrounded by enemy planets.


Longevity is 2 years if

1) Jupiter is in 6, 8, 10 or 11 th house.

2)Venus or Mars or mercury in Second house

3) Mercury Venus or Moon in 5th house

4) Moon and ketu in first house, fourth house empty

longevity is 12 years

1) Moon is in Fifth house

2 )Sun in 11th house

Longevity is 33 years

1) Jupiter is in connection with enemy planets, and Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in 9th house,

2) Enemy planets of Jupiter i.e Mercury, Venus and rahu in 9th house

3)Moon and Rahu in 7th house

4)Mercury in 9th house then 8th day, 8th month and every 8th year will be worst and person will die by an animal.

5)Moon or ketu in 6th and sun in 12th .

Medium longevity

1) Conjunction of Sun and Sat , in 9th or 12th house ,with male planets

2) Sun and Moon in 11th house

3)Moon in 5th house, Sun in 11th house

Long life deergayu is in the kundli if

1) Saturn is in 5th house with no male planet.

2) Moon and Jupiter in 12th house

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