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Love Affair and Astrology

In Astrology , the important houses for love marriage are

5th house- house of love affair,

7th house- house of marriage , partnership, love marriage , arrange marriage.

8th house- house of marital happiness , body pleasure, physical desires

and 11th house- house of desire fulfillment, close friendship

one has to check 5th house planets, 5th house lord and its placement for love affair. if there is connection between 5th house and 7th house , eg: 5th lord placed in 7th house or 7th house lord placed in 5th then the love marriage possibility increases.

Conjunction of 5th and 7th lord Preferably in 11th house or nakshatra exchange between both the lords.

Conjunction of 5th and 11th lord, or Conjunction of 7th and 11th lord also increases the possibility of love marriage.

Relation of 5th house with 8th house , Without 7th house connection shows no marriage

only love affair.

Important planets for love affair:

Venus , Mars , Rahu and Mercury and Moon are important for making love marriage predictions.

In a kundli Rahu Moon combination , or Moon Mercury combination increases the chances of love affair. These combinations making connection with Venus shows love marraige.

Mercury represents friends of opposite gender and Venus life partner - Combination of mercury Venus in a chart , in Gemini or scorpio indicates love marriage.

Conjunction of Venus Rahu indicates love affair , Rahu indicates partner from different

religion or Cast. Venus Rahu also indicates age difference at least 6 years between the partners. Venus Rahu conjunction in 2nd house - house of family , 5th house- love affair, 7th house - house of marriage or 8th house- house of physical relations shows possibility of love marriage during dasha of Venus or Rahu.

Libra is the 7th rashi , and rashi of Venus . In kaal purusha kundli libra is considered as marriage house. Venus Rahu combination present in Libra Rashi , increases the chance of love marriage 3 fold.

Similarly Scorpio is 8th Rashi , indicates Sex, physical pleasure, Venus Rahu combination in Scorpio in any house makes love marriage positive.

Pisces rashi of bed pleasure - Venus Rahu combination in Pisces positively shows love marriage in prediction.

One needs to check , d-9 and natal position of planets to check if yog of love marriage is created.

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