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Magnified Healing Therapy Pune: USA certification

Course Details

Magnified Healing therapy Workshop with USA certification

(Magnified Healing Therapy Pune)

Fees: 15000

Two days course: 10 to 4 pm

Call/WhatsApp Gitu Mirpuri 7350007427, 8208740750, 02048610065 Or Contact Us

Origins of Magnified Healing

Lady Master Kwan Yin, is the founder of Magnified Healing® of the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE – a very different and unique modality for the spiritual advancement of human beings on earth.

What’s unique about Magnified Healing?

Through this modality, the healer connects the student’s heart to the main Source of All Energy, that is, GOD, and establishes a constant flow of energy between both – making them ONE expanded Magnified Healing medium.

A powerful healing energy link is established between the receiver and God, and this flows down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth and back again.

The receiver experiences a deep sense of gratitude and energy pulsating from the Source, sealing the foundation of spiritual advancement then and there itself.

What is Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing is all about the payback of karmas. You reap what you sow. Many times, we look around us and see so much of suffering – why is everyone suffering?

Why can’t there be peace and joy all around us?

It’s because people who are suffering are paying off their bad karmas. Through Magnified healing, you can quickly burn your negative karmas accumulated over life times, thus reducing your suffering and sorrows.

Workshop Details

(From official Magnified Healing website)

This is a full two-day workshop (18 hours of teaching)


A knowledge and understanding of basic metaphysical terms such as karma, spiritual centers (chakras), Hierarchy, Threefold Flame, Violet Fire, Ascension. The Internet and spiritual books are excellent resources to learn about these concepts.

The manual given at the workshop is available in English & Hindi.

Magnified Healing evolves constantly.

The official Magnified Healing® teaching manual (112 pages) is given to the students at the beginning of the workshop. At the end of the second day, you will receive the Initiation, the official MH certificate prepared and signed by your teacher, one bottle of Essence and a practice CD (optional).

The learning and practice of this process incorporates all aspects of healing, using sacred geometries, breathing, and affirmations, allowing the student to participate and then teach the process without lengthy internships.

The workshop includes:

  1. Meditation of Empowerment

  2. Acknowledgment of the ThreeFold Flame and Higher Self

  3. Preparation

  4. Invocation of Kwan yin

  5. Alignment of Spiritual Centers

  6. Clearing of the Light Channel

  7. Magnifying your hands energy thousand times

  8. Co-creating the energy of Magnified Healing

  9. Sensitize, awaken, rewire and connect the nervous system

  10. Connection of the Nervous System

  11. Healing of others

  12. Healing of self

  13. Scan and heal the body and stimulate the calcium in the spine

  14. Balancing of Karma

  15. Absent/distant healing

  16. Organ Transplant

  17. Healing the earth

  18. Healing of karma and expansion of the three fold flame

  19. Practice of all healing techniques

  20. Preparation for Ascension

  21. Absent Healing

  22. Healing of the Earth

  23. Initiation

  24. Essential Oil

About Kwan yin:

Kwan yin is a Chinese name. It means “one who hears the cries of people.” Being one of the “mother” goddesses, she is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help, be they sick, lost, frightened or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is the great protector, benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children and the babies. She guards the souls of the newly born and guides them to their new parents.

For more details, please contact / WhatsApp Gitu Mirpuri on 7350007427

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