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Marriage timing Prediction through Vedic Astrology

1) If you are running Major period/ Minor period / sub period also called Mahadasha/ Antardasha / Pratiantar Dasha , or DBA ( Dasha , Bukti and Antardasha ) of 7 th lord / 5th lord , there is possibilty the person can marry in this period.

For Eg: if You are Leo ascendant , saturn dasha DBA and Jupiter DBA marriage yog is there.

2) DBA of Planet sitting in the seventh House.

3) DBA of planet Aspecting Seventh House. it could be Rahu and Ketu as well.

4) DBA of 1 st House or 7 th House lord of D-9

5) DBA of Venus and Jupiter as both these planet represnt relationship

6) Check your Mahadasha, say Moon Mahadasha, and your moon is in Cancer, Your Mahadasha Lagna is Cancer, Now count 7th house from Cancer, its Capricorn, so Saturn Mahadasha can also help in getting married.

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