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Merlin Trinity Healing Modality

Merlin Trinity Healing Modality:

Very easy to learn and practice, transformational healing and ascension-based modality operates from love energy, which increases your inner vibrations, clears channel with symbols and attunements. Ascended master Merlin is alchemist who can brign major transformations is invoked with prayers and meditations . It’s kind of missing link in other healing system. Founder of Merlin Trinity healing system is Mark Anup (Osho name) Karlsson.

We all know Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment. Water is more than simply a physical substance. It’s a certain concept and that concept is connected is a special way, with the idea of life. Masaru Emoto’s research demonstrates that human vibrational energy, consciousness, intent, words, ideas, thoughts and music affects the molecular structure of water. Human body and our planet comprise of 75 percent water.

The water molecules are bonded well when you send positive vibrations to water. When you expose water to healing music, for several hours, the molecules formed after freezing water are beautiful. On the other hand, if you expose water to sad music, the molecules formed are ugly.

Word like I LOVE YOU; I LIKE YOU, I APPRECIATE YOU - AND PRAYER, affect the molecular structure of water in a positive way.

Words like I HATE YOU, I KILL YOU, YOU MAKE ME SICK, CURSE, JEALOUSY, ANGER, GRUDGE, affects the molecular structure of water in a negative way.

With your love compassion energy , you become the best version of yourself and ready to give the best to the society. It releases the negative emotions , thoughts,realtions, belliefs, patterns situations not required for your spiritual growth.

With love compassion modality, Merlin trinity helps in quick healing, quick manifestation, quick change in personality, . It changes the way you talk; people like to listen to you. You are more self -aware. It brings balance on physical, emotional and mental levels. It brings better opprtunites to enter into your life. It aids in letting go process. It teaches you forgiveness. It makes you free from insecurities by erasing blocks such as fear, from your subconcious. It prepares you to accept changes in your life. It reduces stress.

There are 5 levels in Merlin Trinity Healing modality

In Level 1, Initiate level : In initiate level, you receive 3 attunements of 3 symbols. This level covers basic healing, chakra healing, clearing channel, and hands on healing.

In Level 2 , Trinity level : Level 2 can be learned after 63 days practice of level 1. In this level you are attuned to higher vibrational trinity level energy. After level 2 , you will be able to give attunement and teach level 1 and 2. The more you practice healing system and more you give attunements you can feel change in energy levels and positive transformations in your life.

Level 3 : Master level , increases your intuition power, You experience that you are open to higher realms of wisdom and energies. It creates permenant and powerful transformation. It requires 63 days practice ,with minimum 30 minutes practice everyday.

Level 4, Alchemy level:

With alchemy level there is major positive change in you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Level 5 , Manifestation level: with this level , you can easily shift your energies to higher level at your will. Your mind, body and soul is balanced.



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