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Moons activation at the age 22

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Astrologers use specific timing techniques, such as planetary periods or dashas, to determine when certain planets will be activated in a person's chart.

In general, however, planetary activations can occur at any time during a person's life, and the effects of these activations can be felt in various areas of their life depending on the house that is being activated and the nature of the planet involved.

One speciic rule is : At the age of 22.5 moon gets activated in 6t house from its natal position. Meaning if your moon is in 5 th house, it will get activated in 10th house. 10th house is of Career.

Rules for interpretation: Consider First house-

2nd Rashi and

3 rd consider planets in that house.

For aqarius ascedant , moon in 5 t house, when the native was 22.5 , there was beginging of a career in the form of internship. As there is scorpio rashi so , complete transformation in career from theory classes to practical work at office.

Native has sun in 10 th house. Now there is role of Boss in his life.

2nd example: Libra ascedant - Moon in 6 th house. At the age of 22.5, natives 6th from 6th 11th house of income got activated. Native after finishing his graduation started earning and there is leo rashi in 11th house. so earning was as a freelancer - independant and Mars is there in 11 th house. so Native had to travel a lot for earning.

3rd Example- Leo ascendant, moon in 12 th house. Native fell in love, and there is sagittarius rashi so the partner was a Guru , Jupiter who had come to teach a soul learning for pending assignments.

Do comment your date of birth along with house from natal moon got actovated at the age 22. 5years.

Jupiters activation age is 16 Years and 51 years. Jupiter in Libra , so does it mean marriage at 51, yes marriage of children at the age of 51. Interesting right!


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