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Number 2 people … are u born on 2, 11, 20 th date.

You have Feminine attributes, very intuitive ,very emotional , heart  lethargic, lazy lifestyle. As moon represents mother , you are more attached to mother. You are Co-operative , adjusting nature, Caring. You think of  others before yourself . You are Unselfish, clean, love proper discipline .You are Moody, mood changes with moon cycles , Helpful, love natural & beautiful things. You are sincere and spiritual.  You need guidance to execute your plans . They are masters of love & beauty.You can succeed only in work you love. You are financially lucky. No one puts financial burdens on you.Relationship is very important for you than your career , finance and health.

You have to take care of your digestive system and your bowels. Some trouble towards suffering from ,infection of intestinal digestion, neuralgia of the intestine, diarrhea, constipation, typhoid and fever is denoted. Any sluggishness of the digestive organs should be promptly remedied as otherwise the accumulation of waste matter in the system can be the originating cause of other ailments of a more serious character.

Another factor affecting your health is the poor blood circulation resulting in anaemia and a weak heart. Since the Moon is your ruling planet, the uneasiness which is a prominent characteristic, creates mental worries and sleeplessness. You are also susceptible to diabetes and asthmatic trouble.

Numerological remedies sucha as mantra chanting, yantra, crystals, gem stones, neme correction, usng lucky numbers repeatadely can help you cure from your  career, health, finance, relationship issues.

Lucky Metal : Silver

Lucky Stone : Pearl, Yellw Saphire, Moonstone

Lucky  Colour : White, Cream, Blue

Lucky  Day : Monday

Vocation : Teachers, healers, nurses, doctors, poets, liquid business, architect,artist.

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