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Predictions for October 2021

Predictions for Aries Ascendant : If you are jobless and looking for a job then this period is very good period for getting a desired job , For those who are working , there are chances of getting pay hike. For those who are in business ,your wealth will grow like anything. May earn good money through speculations. Career wise the period will remain positive, but there will be less happiness from family and from wife . You will waste your time in thinking about negative things. Your thoughts might make you take negative decisions regarding your love life or married life. You might get involved in extra marital affair. Must do meditations to come out of negative thoughts.

You'll be mentally worried and you'll be tired with children . There will be some argument with the children and in your professional life you will do very good in dealings and you will concentrate on your education if you are a student.

Females might suffer from inferiority complex, due to your decline looks. You need to work on your mental health to look younger again. Meditations with rose quart are suggested here. Gynecologic health issues may arise.

Overall this period will give good fortune to you and one of the best month in 2021. Use carnelain

2) Taurus Ascendant: Chances of getting separated from mother, or there will be conflict with the mother. Father will remain stressed. You might loose money , avoid making major financial decisions. Your cash flow will be affected very adversely. Unexpected expenses on Health are seen. Taureans should not underestimate the enemies. You might get lucky , for getting honor , respect from government and society. Trouble related to property , land dealings, house , is seen .you will work hard for your career. You will put great efforts for family happiness as well. You might get bitter experience in your life and there will be problems with your spouse.

If you are away from your country , troubles are foreseen, related to your health. Be over careful. Do not take any important decisions this month. Use rose quartz.

3)Gemini Ascendant:

Though you will be very courageous in your communication and clever in making decisions. Your relationship with your siblings will be disturbed. The love between brothers so starting to decrease. You will not get the love attention of younger sibling. Fight with children will also increase. For students your studies will be affected and parents should give special attention to the children. You will come out of all health problems. You will balance your work and personal life. Though results will be slow but overall you will be happy for what you get. Use green aventurine

4)Cancer ascendant:

You will be respectable in the family. You will work hard to make money. You might loose some money at house at your home town. Mothers sadness will bother you. For your health you will make sure that your routine life is not disturbed.

5) Leo ascendant: you will work with more enthusiasm to achieve your goals in getting job, wealth, family respect, success in love affair, happy married life. You will need to put more efforts and be tactful in government related work. Use moon stone.

6) Virgo ascendant: Accumulation of money is not possible, there will be major financial losses on unexpected things. You might get drifted from performing your duties towards self and family. use green aventurine.

7) Libra ascendant: Good period to get financial gains, unexpected money will come. Newly married couples can expect a news on baby. For students the period is very good for concentration in studies. They will do well In exams. Remain active to get all gains. use rose quartz

8)Scorpio Ascendant: There will be stress related to job, business . Wife's health will be of concern. You will feel very depressed in this period. Father will be distressed and restless due to his won problems, and Mother will try to motivate you. Good support from wife as well. use carnelain for prosperity

9)Sagittarius Ascendant: Continues failures in Job, business will take you towards spiritual path. You will be very uneasy and dissatisfied in money matters. Use citirne crsytal for prosperity

10) Capricorn ascendant : Fathers health will be of concern. Students will not be able to focus on their studies. Our business will not grow as per your expectations. With some or other way you will manage to earn wealth. Use clear quartz crystal for postivity

11) Aquarius ascendant : you will not be successful in performing your duties towards your family, that will create some conflict in the family. You will seek for happiness from outsiders. Property deals wil be successful, your physical health will be good. You will put good efforts in your job/ business. use clear quart crystal for positivity

12)Pisces ascendant : This period , there will not be any peace in your life. Your siblings might disturb your life. Be careful of your stomach ailments and try to be independent of others. Use Black tourmaline crystal for removing negativity.

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