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Qualities of Marriage Partner

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

In astrology 7 th hosue is considered the house of Marriage. The planet in seventh house describes your partners characteristics. If planets are not there , conisder rashi and rashi lord. Additional qualities can be predcited based on the position of the 7 th rashi lord.

Sun in 7 th house- Partner will be aggressive , with leadership qualities, responsible , egoistic, beautiful , fair, good personlity . Condition is Sun shoulnt be with malefic palnet, or in malefic rashi enemy rashi , malefic house, also shouldnt be aspected by malefic planets liek Rahu Ketu. If sun is afflicted ,the person will marry twice. 7 th hosue represents reproductive organs, sun destroys sperms , progeny is delayed. so native with sun in 7th house should not delay in having a child. Your partner will believe in show off, will be fond of foreign things.

Sun in leo -the partner will be aggressive, with lot of Ego, showoff.

Sun in Gemini / Virgo - Partner will be very young or young looking , believes in Business, doesnt like to work for someone, good in communication.

Sun in Aries/ scorpio - Partner will be very very aggressive , will be suffering from heat issues.

Sun in capricorn/ aquarius - that is Leo / cnacer ascendant - is not considered good.

Sun in cancer- sun is your soul, so it makes you very emoitonal towards your partner.

Moon In 7 th house - You will never be disatisfied with your partner , so there are chances are of multiple marriages. Though partner wiil be good looking, emotional, caring, loving , sacrificing nature.

Moon in capricorn or Aqaurius - Tensions will be because of partner.

Jupiter in 7 th house- Partner will be learned , knowldegable, and educated. In Modern world atleast graduate.

Rahu in 7 th house- Partner will be very bold, could be from different religion , he/ she will take responsibility of the all siblings, could be the eldest sibling in the his / her family.

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