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Question paper for Ramal shastra course

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Question paper for Ramal  shastra  course :

Q1:   Make standard ramal kundli with 16 houses and 16 shakal in sequence

Q2:ort of 16 shakal , how many are dakhil, munakalib, kharij and saabit.

Q3: write 5 examples of aagam questions.

Q4: write 5 examples of nirgam questions.

Q6: Below are aagam / nirgam questions

  1. Will i be good in my health?

  2. Will my tenant leave my property?

  3.  Will i get money?

  4.  Will my property be sold?

  5.  Will m depression be cured?

  6.  Will i get happiness from my parents

  7. Will i  have a child in my life?

  8. will my partner leave me forever?

  9.  Will my be free from debts?

  10.   Will sanjay dutt be relased from the jail?

  11.  Will i go to abroad?

  12. will i buy this property?

  13. will i get my love?

  14. will i benefit from shares?

  15. will i get name , fame in eductaion?

  16. will i get a job/ promotion?

  17. will i won the legal case?

  18. will the boss resign from  the company?

  19. will the member of my party win in the election?

  20. will my desires be fulfilled.

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