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Do u Know , all 9 planets are assocaited with 9 swar in sangeet.

Sa- Surya

Re- Mercury

Ga- Venus

Ma - Mars

Pa- Moon

Dha- Jupiter

Ni- Saturn

Sa and Pa are always pure shudh swar.

Sa is associated with Leo rashi of the Sun.

Re can be komal or teerva - shudh Re is associated with mercury sign Gemini and Komal ray is associated with another Gemini sign Virgo

Similarly Ga , shudh GA- Taurus

komal Ga- Libra

Shudh Ma- Aries and Komal Ma - Scorpio

Shudh Pa- Moon Cancer

Shudh Dha- Sagittarius and Komal Dha- Pisces

Shudh Ni - Capricorn and Komal Ni - Aqaurius.

Also all 9 planets are associated with Ragas. list is as below:

  • Sun (Surya) – Kriti “Suryamurthe Namosthuthe” – Ragam Saurastram

  • Moon (Chandra) – Kriti “Chandram Bhaja called manasa” – Raga Asaveri , Raaf Kafi from Kafi Thaat, Vadi swar is " PA".

  • Mars (Angaraka) – Kriti “Angarakam Ashrayamyaham” – Raga Surati , Raga Ahir Bhairav from Bhairva That - which has " Ma" as Vaadi Swar.

  • Venus (Shukra) – Kriti “Sri Sukhra Bhagavantham” – Raga Pharaj , Raag Bhopali , from Kalyan Thaat, Where Ga is Vadi swar ,

  • Jupiter (Brihaspathi) – Kriti “Brihaspathe Tarapathe” – Raga Athana, Raag Alhaiya Bilawal from Bilawal That which had " DHA" as Vadi swar, Raag Jaunpuri from Asavari Thaat , which has " dha" as Vadi Swar.

  • Saturn (Shani) – Kriti “Divakaratanujam Shanaishcharam” – Raga YadukulaKambhoji ,

  • Mercury (Budha) – Kriti “Budham Ashrayami” – Raga Nattakurahnji , Desh Geet from Khamaj Thaat , where " Re" is vadi swar. Puriys Kalayan , from Marwa Thaat, where " Re" is vadi swar.

  • 1st shadow planet (Rahu) – Kriti “Smaramayaham sadarahum” – Raga Ramamanohari

  • 2nd shadow planet (Ketu) – Kriti “Mahasuram Ketumaham” – Ragam Camaram

If you wish to find the story of a past life related to paricular planet, like for father , soul, health , governement etc , Listen to raga associated with Sun planet before sleeping at night and you will get the answer to your quesion in your dreams.

Similarly for mother, children, emotional life, you can lister n to raga realted to moon. Fro elder brother, Guru, Teachers, - Jupiter , for a life partner - Venus, For a younger sibling Mars, For business and communication - Mercury , For ancestors , for leder person in family,reason of grief or sorrow - Saturn , For obstacles and delays i life- Rahu, For spirtual growth - ketu.

Placement of planet is also very important , Eg: if planet is sitting in 10th house, it will give you answers related to your career as well.

Ragas can also be used to increase the strenghth of the planet and bring the power of the planet in your life and get beenfits related to that planet.

Eg: To strenghthen Venus , Recite Ragas with Vadi swar is " Ga" that is raag Bhopali from Kalyan Thaat.

Gitus Divine Touch, Advices which raga are you suppose to listen or practise singing to bring desired effect related to good health ,lifestyle, for spiritual progress.


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