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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Lama fera is a very powerful and fastest ancient healing technique that has been used by Tibetan lamas since 620 BC.. Lama fera is known for removing negative energies from atmosphere, chakras and Auras to produce positive energies for physical ,mental and emotional healing. The unique technique is based on the Buddha’s teachings , but the session itself is not religious/does not require you to be Buddhist. Reiki is Japanese healing technique. Crystal therapy, crystals are layed on the body for chakra and Aura clearing. Aroma therapy , aroma essential oils are used in different ways for healing. Colour therapy colors in different forms are used , and prescribed to the patient. Candle therapy, candles of different colours along with prayers are used to heal the patient.

Gitu Mirpuri conducts the offline / online healing sessions of Lama Fera , Reiki, Crystal Healing , Aroma Therapy, Candle Therapy, Color Therapy and often combines techniques. Gitus customized blend of healing therapies, along with counselling and consultations gives best result to the patient. During the session, she uses reiki , crsytals and lama fera and different modalities .

Gitu describes what the session would embrace. It was cheering knowing what to anticipate For lama fera, the patient lies on the floor on marron sheet with another sheet covering him/her. The healer wears a Buddhist maroon gown. Gitu put down a marron sheet for the patient to lie down on it , she keeps 4 earth sticks ,2 below the shoulders and 2 below the knees. . A serene, warm environment is created.

Gitu then leads you in a guided meditation, which helps you relax and be open to the healing with sacred music in the background.

Healing sessions reduce the stress and tensions, also emotional detox. It brings peace , calm and a balanced state.

Gitu Mirpuri says that customized healing session is helpful for emotional detox and tapping into your body’s healing process . This can be ideal if you’re dealing with any illness , skin issues, OCD , depression or any type of stress. Healing session builds a great foundation for meditating, especially when starting out.

Ready to book a session ? Please click on the link Book NOW i or contact Gitu if you have any question regarding healing session . Consultation with powerful energy healing are available:

  • Online healing (in your home) or

  • Distance healing (in your home).

Mobile healing 72 minutes

Distance healing for 72 minutes.

  • First Energy healing session. This session including a consultation and a healing session is of 1 and half hours.

  • Second nergy healing session. The next sessions - You can choose which modlaity session would you like to book. Lama fera, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aroma Therapy, Candle and colour therapy.

  • Distance healing If you are not available online the distance healing is an option for you

Ideal for students youngish and old who are preparing for examinations, interviews and major projects.


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