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Shaktipath for Health :

We all deserve the best health to ive long and joyful life.

Gitu Mirpuri Reiki Grandmaster , suggests golden rules for Eating Habits and tips for good health bones immnunity , powerful mind and sharp memory for Reiki channels and their families . These guidelines will enable youll to contribute to successfully live long life without any tensions and with full confidence.


Say no to :

BIig meals instead have small portions at regular interval.

Maida/ refined flour,

bakery products like biscuits, pasteries, white bread,

Pizza, Noodles

Fried items

Heavy diet

Tea , coffee

Artificial drinks.

And drinking water immediately after having meals

Must do:

Consume 4 smaller meals in a day , Follow 8, 1, 5,8 rule

Breakfast 8 am

Lunch – 1 pm

Evening snacks – 5 pm

And Dinner 8 pm

What to eat.

1) Dates on empty stomach

2) All kinds of dried sweet fruits – cashew nuts, Walnuts, coconut, almonds, groundnuts and oil seeds

3) Fresh fruits and juices of all kinds of vegetables and fruits

4) Salads , sprouted cereals ( eg: Moong, moth , daliya and grams etc)

5) Whole wheat or Maize chapatis and bread with bran fiber.

6) All cooked vegetables with minimum oil and simple prepared food.

7) Dried nuts example peanuts cashew walnuts other nuts almonds pistachios and whole wheat provide ample an enormous energy combine with Phosphorus and vitamin B complex and calcium to mental cells and they carry non toxic proteins

8) Non vegetarians can limit themselves to fish and light meat .

For Bones:

Sunlight is a must . One should be out in the early sunlight for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Cows milk at least 200 ml a day is a must for a healthy bones life.


1 ) Taking complete rest and peaceful undisturbed sleep after working for a long day.

2) Waking up early in the morning and organizing your day will give you more efficiency

3) Try to keep your mind healthy by rewarding it watching Tv not more than 30 min a day.

4) Entertain your mind with music, singing, cooking , learning new skills, reading books , magazines. Which releases you from tensions and refreshes your mind.

5) Avoid working for a longer duration while ignoring your health , Try to take small breaks in between

Weakening effect of Hot water:

One should take bath with warm or fresh water, as the hot water reduces your immunity and it loosens your nervous system. Hot water induces laziness and sleep, and weakens the body temperature.

One should wear light weight and cotton clothes , comfortable to wear s per the seasons of India.

India has hot cliamte , Jeans and tight clothing can cause skin issues in ones life.

Avoid exposure to fan and AC for long hours.

Evenings one should go out to get a fresh air .

Prefer to wak bare feet on the grass in early morning . you can lie down on the ground where sunlight is available . Sunlight for one hour after sunrise is best for the skin

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