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Remedies for 9 planets

Sun Remedies

1.     In the house, please install Spatik Shri yantra.

2.   Chant Harivansh Puraan.

3.   Wear Red Ruby 

4.   Give water to Lord sun daily and especially on every Sunday. Add red flower, Kumkum, jaggery, red chandan and wheat in the water. Chant Gayatri Mantra while giving water.

5.     If you are facing difficulty because of planet Sun conjected with planet Rahu or Saturn, do Rudra Abhishek. Avoid taking salt on Sundays.

6.     Give red color flower to Lord Ganesha for 11/21 Sundays. 

7.     Keep Fast for 5/11/43 Sundays. For 11 Sundays in the afternoon only eat rice and curd.

8.     Feed Jaggery and White Channas to Monkeys.

9.     Flow Jaggery in the running water.

10.  Chant/Listen/Read- Aditya Hridaay Strota.

11.  Surya Namaskar on every Sunday.

12.  On the day of Makkar Sankranti, Tula Daan is imperative. 

13.  To keep the balcony neat and clean and try to keep it vacant.

14. Worship Lord Shiva and Gadud for removing the Pitr Dosh.

15. Install metal Surya with ruby stone , on East wall of your home/ office/ facory / room


Moon Remedies

1.        Wear pearl or silver in the last finger of the hand.

2.        Worship/ keep fast on every Purnima. 

3.        Chant/listen/read Satya Narayan Katha and prepare the prasad having banana, sugar, wheat, rawa. Make Panchaamrit and distribute. 

4.      Keep little milk and water on your bed side every night and put it in any plant except Tusli next morning. 

5.        Mix Ganga Jal in your bath water or Take a bath in the holy river Ganga as per your convenience. 

6.        Avoid installing handpump/well in your house.

7.        Worship Lord Ganesha if your moon is with Ketu.

8.        People with Cancer or Taurus Lagan should worship ‘Mata Bhagwati Gauri’.

9.        To donate rice/silver/milk on every Monday. 

10.    Keep Pradosh Vrat or Monday fast.

11.    Chant/listen/read Shiv Chalisa.

12.    To keep Dikshina vrati Conch in the house.

13.    Do Durga Shaptati Path on every Monday. 

14.    Collect ice balls (olley) and mix them with Ganga Jal and take a bath or keep it in a bottle with you.

15.    Wear Panchmukhi Rudraksha.

16.    Keep Parad Shivling in the mandir of your house.

17.     Offer white flower to Lord Shiva on very Monday.

Mangal Remedies

1.           Chant/Listen/Read Mata Lakhsmi Strota/Devi Kawach/Rin Mochan Mangal Strota to remove loan and debts.

2.           Worship Devi Bhagwati.

3.           Read Maha Gayatri Path and Worship Lord Hanuman Ji.

4.           Apply Red Sandoor from the idol Hanuman ji’s right feet on your forehead. 

5.           Flow Jaggery+ Black/White mustard seeds in the running water.

6.           Worship Lord Kartikey Ji. Fast for 11 Pradosh Vrats. 

7.           Chant/Listen/Read- Bagrang Barn/Sunder Kand.

8.           Read Hanuman Chalisa on every Tuesday. 

9.           Donate Red Masur Dal/Honey/Kumkum on every Tuesday.

10.       Try to wear Red color clothes/or keep red handkerchief with you on Tuesday and handkerchief preferably every day with you.

11.        Dispose Red color flower in a running water.

12.         Eat black pepper on Tuesday.

13.        Worship Lord Ganesha on Tuesday

14.        Donate sweets made of honey on Tuesday.


Mercury Remedies

1.   Worship Lord Vishnu/Goddess Durga Ji/ Lord Narayan Ji.

2.   Donate Hari Mong Dal on 11 Wednesdays.

3.   Keep fast 5/11/43 Wednesdays.

4.   Donate green-colored items (vegetables, green mong dal, sprouts)

5.   Feed green fodder to cows on every Wednesday.

6.   Walk on green gras on every Wednesday

7.   Wear Emerald/Green Aventurine/ Jade in last ring finger of any hand.

8.   Wear or keep green color things with you. 

9.   Give away green color bangles to your daughter/sister/ paternal-maternal aunt kinners

10.  Donate green color clothes to any transgender.

11. Chant/Listen/Read Vishnu Sahastranaam or Pratyingira jaap/ Gopal Sahastra Naam.

12. Keep fast for 7 Wednesday or 11 Ekadashi. 

13. Do Durga Sapashati Path.




Jupiter Remedies

1.   Wear Yellow Sapphire ring made in gold in the index finger.

2.   Worship Lord Hari and Peepal Tree.

3.   Read/Listen/Chant ‘Guru Leela Mrat’.

4.   Wear gold ornaments.

5.   Take 108 circles around Pipal Ji if your planet Shani and Guru is in the 5th house.

6. Apply Kesar and Haldi Tilak on your forehead.

7. Keep fast 5/11/43 Thursday.

8. Apply Kesar on your belly button every day after shower.

9. Worship Lord Vishnu daily.

10. Give turmeric/gram dal/jaggery/saffron/ banana to Lord Vishnu Ji.

11.  Read Garur Puran.

12.  Donate Banana/orange/any yellow color fruit to any Brahmin on every Thursday.

13. Read Satya Narayan Katha or fast for Akadashi or 11/21 fast on every Thursday.

Venus Remedies

1.   Read/Chant/Listen ‘Lakshmi Sutara’.

2.   Read/Chant/Listen ‘Rohini Kawach’ for marriage problem.

3.   Keep fast for 21 Fridays.

4.   Donate Desi Ghee/curd/Kapoor/Ginger on Friday.

5.   Wear Diamond

6.   Respect ladies in your life.

7.   Marry your wife 2 times.

8.   Offer white color cloth or white Lotus to Lakshmi ji.

9.   Avoid wearing torn clothes.

10.                Donate cow with calf.

11.                 Apply scented cream, perfume, power.

12.                Do Hawan at home using ghee, mustard seeds, jo

13.                Worship Bhagwati Kamala Ji.

Shani Remedies

1.   Offer black mustard seed and milk to Lord Shiva.

2.   Worship Lord Bharav Ji. 

3.   Wear Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of any hand.

4.   Visit Shani Temple only after sunsets.

5.   Offer food to black bullock or black snake.

6.   Read/Chant/Listen ‘Dashrat Shanishar Srotra.

7.   Avoid wearing black color clothes instead donate it.

8.   Light mustard oil lamp on Shani ji on every Saturday.

9.   Flow black urad dal on every Saturday.

10.                Mix Kapoor in coconut oil and apply it on your hair.

11.                Avoid eating non veg, alcohol and smoke. 

12.                 Light mustard oil lamp on Pepal Ji, Shiv Ji or Hanuman Ji.

13.                 Do hawan of ‘Logon Mritunjay’

14.                Keep the leave Neelgiri Tree with you.

Rahu Remedies 

1.   Wear Gomade in the middle finger of any hand.

2.   Offer Belpatar to Lord Shiva on every Saturday.

3.   Avoid using cowdung and wooden or hawan sticks to avoid any kind of smog in the house.

4.     Never Lie.

5.     Keep good relationship with in laws

6.     Do ‘Logon Rudra’ path in the month of Shravan.

7.     Buy Naag Nagin silver pair, get them married and donate it.

8.     Worship Lord Bharav Ji, Goddess Sarasvati.

9.     Jaap of ‘Lakshmi Hriday’ and ‘Narsimha’ 

10. Donate black color items.

11. Avoid smoking.

12. Donate Sarso seeds/oil/radish/tobacco.

13. Offer mix grains to birds.

14. Stay united with your family members.

15. During wedding avoid getting electronic items or blue color clothes and steer items.

16. Don’t keep or store closed vessels.

Ketu Remedies

1.   Worship ‘Lord Ganesha’.

2.   Wear Cat-Eye in the middle eye.

3.   Feed food to dogs.

4.   Donate food to Brahmins of Thursday.

5.   Flow black and white mustard seeds in the running water.

6.   Donate mustard seeds/lemon/ banana to any needy people.

7.   Wear Tiger Eye stone.

8.   Feed Fodder in the cow shed.

9.   Avoid eating garlic.

10.                Feed sour food items like lemon, tamarind, panipuri etc to small girls.

11.                Never take bed or gold ring in dowry.

12.                Buy black or white blanket either donate it to a needy person or dig in the graveyard. 

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