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Remedies for Mercury

1) Offer soaked green mung to birds

2) Use Green Bottles for Drinking Water

3) Write names of 108 Gods on a page , or 108 names of one God on a page

4) Listen to bhajans, Raag everyday

5) Take out time for Rituals , pooja to relax to energize your subconcious.

6) Never use mobile unnecessary , be idle as much as possible

7) Keep thinking that your are superior to all

8) Offer water to Tusli

9) Write your name respectfully.

10) Take your name respectfully.

11) Use green clothes for wearing specially on wednesday

12) Have green things on wednesday

13) offer DRUVA to Ganeshji

14) Recite Durga Chalisa evryday

15) Feed 11 small girls on Wednesday.

16) Go for walks without any work - this is to relax Your mind

17) Visit playgrounds

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