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Remedies for Mars Planet:

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Remedies of Planets:

Planet Mars :

Planet Mars , when its becoming malefic , it shows certain signs , like High Blood Pressure, Eyes related issues, anger issues, false pride, Ego, eating Non Veg , meeting with accidents, unnecessary fights, trouble from brother, reputation getting spoiled, surgeries, extra marital affairs, breaking bones, court cases, No auspicious functions at home, marital unhappiness, being impulsive, chronic disease, one eye disability.

1) Wear red clothes on Tuesday

2) Fast on Tuesday, eat salt after sunset.

3) Offer Vermicelli and Chamoli oil to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday

4) Offer chola(dress ) , red cloth to Hanuman

5) Wear bathymetric red Coral / Munge in Pancha in ring Finger .

6) Recite Hanuman Chalisa 11 times , every day.


8) Donate , Red clothes , Copper, Wheat, Jaggery, Masoor red lentils , red flowers, cactus, babul, sweet roti, Gokhru, lal mirchi red chillies.

9) Donate money to Government for Soldiers.

10) Sash tang Pranam to mother earth, Touch your head to mother earth. Turn in all four directions and do pranam on all 4 sides.

11) Cut Your hair and Shave beard on Tuesday

12) Cut your nails on Tuesday

13) Exercise Every day, Physical activity is a must for Mars planet

14) Applying oil on body , while taking bath everyday is a beneficial remedy for Mars

15) Helping youngsters, guiding them is also a beneficial remedy.

16) Reading or listening to Sunderkaand Path or Shivpuran Chalisa.

17) Worshipping Ganesha

18) Working Hard for your Goal

19) Keeping square piece of silver with you.

20) Keep south of your house clean. Put a mangal yantra in that corner.

21) Donate Blood on Tuesday.

22) Never Criticise or be jealous of anyone

23) Learn Reiki and practise Tratak.

24) Never argue or fight on petty things.

25) Practise Forgiveness.

26) Plant greenery around your home , there shouldn’t be empty land around your home

27) Never use heater , tandoor in your business

28) Remove Neem Tree if it’s there ,from your home.

29) Wear ring made of 3 metals, silver, copper, gold in your ring finger

30) Feed 8 sweet tandoori rotis to dogs and cows . You can roast roti on clay tava as well.

31) Avoid Fried , Tandoori and spicy food.

32) Practise Patience.

33) Donate black lentils – kale chana made in sarson ke tel, mustard soil or suji halwa in desi ghee to temple.

34) Kanya Bhojan on Navratri , to girls below 12 years.

35) Offer sweet milk to bayan tree and apply wet soil on your head.

36) Female must apply sindoor, bindhi on head and toerings in feet.

37) Respect your brother

38) Show love and respect to all.

39) Control on your tongue.

40) Practise to be a good listener.

41) Avoid extra marital affair.

42) Join your hands and ask permission to mother earth , before touching your feet on the earth.

watch this video to understand mars remedies:

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