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Secrets of astrology by Gitu Mirpuri

Astrology prediction is a game of intuition and many predictions are still to be decoded , that's possible only after you keep practicing , predicting past , then present and future of the native.

Our rishis used to give explanation of planets, rashis and houses , they would to expect that astrologers with their dedicated practice will decode it further for other combinations. Here are the few examples for reference.

1) 12 th house is the house of losses, hospitalization, foreign land as well as subconscious mind. If lord of 12 th house is positioned in 5 th house the standard predictions are that the first child of native will stay away from native or his education will be incomplete , there will be losses in speculations and break up in love affairs. As 5 th house is the house of love affair, first child, specultations and education.

Lets decode it the other way now- as 12 th house is house of subconcious ( forgotten point by most) lord sitting in 5 th , decodes that this native will have very strong subconcious mind. When he studies any topic he realises that he already know about this subject. He can see things from different aspects. He can sense the mystry , with his intuition power and consistant studies. .


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