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Self Hypnosis course for personal development

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Self hypnosis course is about technique to hypnotise self and how it can be used for personal development in all aspects , also how it can be used to overcome problems. This course is also about how self-hypnosis can be useful for others in counseling or healing therapy.

Self-hypnosis course consists of lectures on

1) What is self-hypnosis

2) Uses of Self Hypnosis

3) Structured induciton of auto- hypnosiss

4) Different slef hypnosis process

5) Integrating it is different healing therapies and councillings

This course is intended for those interested in personal development in all aspects and those interested in accessing and reprogramming their subconcious mind for having better life. it is for those who want to change their way of thinking, behaviour pattern and overcome addictions if any.

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