Shivalingam in Black Tourmaline Crystal

Updated: Apr 4

Shivlingam: For vitality /energy within your body.It improves overall health and well being. Any stone in Shiva lingam shape can be used for Kundalini awakening .the Kundalini energy rises up the spine from root chakra and through each of the chakras and it emerges at the crown chakra.

It can be used to help problems of sexual nature It is also so helpful to relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps .For men it heals the disorder of prostrate and impotence, For females it is used for healing of reproductive organs and infertility. it resonates with third eye chakra so it enhances a direct connection to the higher self. It helps you in overcoming the habit of judging others it encourages forgiveness. It gives feeling of togetherness and beneficial for women to relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps .For men it helps in healing disorder of the prostrate and it also assist in impotence. For female it cures infertility.

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