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Success Stories , personal future predcitions

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Malini, Two relationship proposal, cards showed one good and other negative. The first proposal was negative from the boy’s side. So that relationship was suppose to go away in a month’s time. The girl reported that relationship under the radar was off the hook as the guy in question was found to be in relationship with another girl.

A reading for a girl showed she shouldn’t leave her job, a promotion was waiting for her. Another girl was told she would be helped by old people from the job front. Ina month’s time she went to her MBA Campus and received a red carpet respect and a great deal of respect from her faculties.

A brother and a sister visited to heal the business which was fledging and they were selling away all their possessions. A Tarot Card reading showed that their business would be back and they would need all their possessions. She recommended Crystals and in 2 months time, the business was back.

Sameer got a job with a German firm. He was overconfident about his future. Tarot warned him that this job won’t last for more than 6 months. He didn’t believe as these big companies never close down. After six months he called Mrs. Mirpuri and informed her that company has given notices to all the employees saying they are going to shut it down.

A lady who was divorced by her husband was seeking alumni. She was expecting more than 40 lakhs. However, the vision for her showed not more than 75,000. This was exactly the same amount, she received later.

A millionaire from Daund, was losing his business after his father’s death. Several resolutions failed to restore it. During consultation at Divine Touch , showed few areas that required healing. This brought the lost business back and it went to make further profits.

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