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Universal energy scanner machine

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

In last 2 decades , lot of transformation has taken place in Vaastu consultancy. Introduction of many new tools in Vaastu consultancy has made it easy and competent . One such tool is Universal Aura Scanner. It has a set of 2 arms which you have to hold in your hands and ask questions. set of 108 samples are provided in the box along with metal object called mass. You can check answer for any question you have in your mind. UES can be useful for astrologers, dowsing specialist, energy healers, Vaastu consultant , tantra specialist, yoga teachers.

Beyond physical body there are many energy storers , they create the other bodies. Halo around the highly spiritual person , describes the spiritual energy of the person. We know every living being has a aura around the person. Universal energy scanner has ability to read the aura.

Other samples are provided that includes samples for fridge, tv, mirrors , important papers, lockers, water tap , Rudraksha checking, five elements, 7 chakras ,

MD- Muladhar- Root chakra

SW- Swadishthan- Sacral Chakra

SP- Solar Plexus - Manipur

FH- Heart - Ananhata

TH-Throat Chakra - Vishudha chakra

AJ= Ajna Chakra

CR-Crown Chakra

16 directions of vastu , 9 deities Kuber, yama, Indra, Varun, Ishanya, Nairutya, Agni, Vayu Devta , 9 palnets

Su- Sun

Mo- Moon

Ma- Mars- Mangal

Mer- Mercury

Jup- Jupiter

Ve- Venus

Sat- Saturn

Ra- Rahu

Ke- Ketu

and 16 directions

E- East

ESE- East South East

SE- South East

SSE-South South East

S- South

SSW- South South West

SW- South West

WSW- West South West

W- West

WNW- west North West

NW -North West

NNW- North North West

N- North

NNE-North North East

NE-North East

ENE= East North East

Water- Jal element

Air- Vayu Element

Fire- Agni Element

Earth - Earth Element

Space- Akash Element

etc .

Eg: If you wish to check if mirror is good for SE , it will say NO.

You want to know which Rudraksha is good for you ? 1 mukhi, 5 mukhi etc

You can check if the Vaastu has deficiency of any element in it.

Does this Vaastu has paranormal presence like ghost, spirits, black magic

Other things you can do with this instrument?

job success

child progeny possibility

Geospace - which is considered Cancer for the Vaastu

Visa chances

Chakras balancing

Colour suitability

Number suitability

Plot for particular person

Plot for particular purpose.

Matching kundli for marriage

Matching Kundli for partner.

Gems suitability

Black magic


infrared rays

- UV- Evil eye

-PY - Pischach yog

D- energy Disease energy

PD- Pitra dosh

KSD- kaal sarpa Dosh

9 planets in your horoscope.

GEO-Geopathic radiation

+VE= Postive Energy

BY-Bnadhan Yog

GM- Gandamool

KD- Kartik Dosh

MD- Manglik Dosh

DY- Divorce Yog

VY-Vayasan Yog

Child Y- Child yog

Cancer D- Cancer rog

FTY- Foreign Travel Yog

FS- Foreign Settlement

FSC- Foreign Settlement for career

FSM - Foreign Settlement for marriage

FS- Forein Travel for for studies

Job S- Job Success

Business S- Business Success

Love M- Love Marriage

A Marriage - Arrange marraige

M Marriage Yog- Multi marriage

Disease possibility Check if the person can get

liver problem

kidney problem

High B.P , Low B.P

How does it work?

Calibration of universal Energy scanner is a much better than other energy scanner instruments. when both the arms of scanner move away from each other its indicating YES. and when both the arms of scanner are moving towards each other or both move in the same direction either left or right, your aura scanner is indication No.

What type of questions you can ask?

Will xyz be my good friend?

Is This property good for me?

Will I crack the next interview.

Can it work distantly ?

Yes Mass with wire is provided ,that is attached to the scanner to check all the above mentioned points for a person who is not present there. you can write the name of the person on a chit and chit is placed under the mass and check all questions related to that person.

Can we check if paricular jewellery / stone is lucky for you?

Keep the thing , jewellery , stone on the metal disc and attach the disc to the scanner. Scanner will guide if the particular object is lucky for you.

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