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Vedic Astrology Consultations Online: How they can help you in life

Vedic astrology consultation:

Vedic Astrology consultation is given by an astrologer who studies the birth chart or horoscope of the client to find out yogas and doshas for interpreting life events. Based on the positions of planets In the horoscope, many things can be predicted.

For example,

  • What field to choose for education?

  • Will your career be good in business or job?

  • When can one expect promotion or transfer?

  • Is there bankruptcy in life?

  • Yogas for buying and selling properties, marriage, progeny.

  • Medical astrology can reveal about health issues and remedies for the same.

  • Marriage relationships can be improved when one partner understands the nature and expectations of other partner.

  • Whether marriage will be love marriage or arrange marriage?

  • Relationships with siblings and family

  • Is there abroad yog and if yes, when?

  • Spiritual progress

  • For business partnership, it’s a must to check if both the partner's horoscope is supporting each other. Or one can go in losses if horoscopes are not supporting.

According to Gitu Mirpuri, astrology is the science of liberation. After completing all your duties and responsibilities which can be found through the chart interpretation, one can be liberated.

It's like a catalyst to take people on the right path.

The real purpose of Jyotish vedic astrology consultation is to reveal the hidden meanings of the Vedas. It is somewhat nearer to Guidance, but for making the individual soul realise the correct route in its journey through life and death.

How does an astrologer guide?

Best astrology consultation is one where the astrologers are highly educated, experienced, and empathetic in sharing the life events via their knowledge. They never discourage / frighten clients. There is a delicate balance between conveying facts and instilling fear in the hearts of clients - it is important to talk about the theory of karmas and why suffering is found in some people's lives - how to alleviate the pain of suffering and remedies to get over the bad period.


Astrology is a vast ocean of knowledge. There are four kinds of karmas -

  1. Prarabdha karma

  2. Sanchit karma

  3. Kriyoman karma

  4. Punjivut karma

Prarabdha and Sanchit karma can not be changed and are not in our hands. So here, you can expect only prediction of your future but kriyoman and punjivut karma is in your hands and you can try for betterment through ethical astrological guidance. Because our karma and destiny both are relevant to each other.

As great astrologer Dr. B. V. Raman used to quote in his astrological magazine "Astrology is indicative science and not predictive. Only the creator knows what is one's fate."

How is online astrology consultation given?

Now a days, astrology consultation online is given either on whatsapp, zoom, skype, phone etc. Consultation fees are quite reasonable. Many religious astrologers offer this service for free but then few of them will ask for certain poojas or gems which are sometimes not required to be given. When you go for astrology consultation, questions list should be prepared before attending the session and pen and paper should be kept handy to write down few important points such as dates for yogas and remedies.

Gitu Mirpuri emails the list of remedies to be performed in a written format. Also on Whatsapp, some important points are messaged during consultations.

Testimonials for Divine Touch Astrology Consultation:

Career astrology consultation was given to Ms Seema (name changed for confidentiality), who was trying for a job abroad. Gituji predicted that her visa will be issued on 3rd November 2020 and Ms Seema got visa exactly on date 3rd November. Kanika (name changed for confidentiality) from Delhi lost her job, Gituji predicted that she will get job before 9th march 2021 and she was called by the same company on 7th March 2021.

Combined Power of Astrology and Tarot

Astrology and Tarot card reading combines chart study and tarot card interpretation. Tarot cards also give remedies. Mr. Dev (name changed for confidentiality) was facing losses in business. Tarot cards guided that there was some ritual he had abandoned after the death of the father and that’s why he was facing problems. He could recollect that his father used to distribute jalebis to poor people outside the mosque. As soon as he restarted this ritual, he recovered all the losses and his factory started running successfully.

Different Schools of Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, study of Planets, Rashis and Houses is important.

In KP Krishnamrit Paddhati Astrology, planets, rashis, houses and nakshatra study is important.

In Nadi Nakshatra Astrology study of planets, houses, rashis , nakshtra and their sublords is important.

In Lal kitab, remedies are very easy, effective and helpful as lal kitab clears the last birth debts through remedies.

More about Lal Kitab:

Terminology used in Lal Kitab refers to "clearing your teva (kundli)." Remedies are performed for each planet in birth teva and varshaphal teva. Birth teva is cleared once in life time whereas varsha – yearly teva has to be cleared every year. So its very important to get the teva checked 45 days ahead of your birth date. By doing so, future mishaps can be avoided.

Seeking help

In vedic, KP, Nadi nakshatra and Lal kitab, you can find about your all relatives' condition and future. You can also help your friends and family by getting them guidance through vedic astrology consultation. You can do this using Prashna Kundali model.

Prashana kundali is made using astrology software for predictions like marriage, lost things, job, business, career, health, etc.

Prashna kundali analyses the chart with the current position of planets in different rashis.

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