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Venus and Mars Transit on 6th september 2021

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

  1. Mars the planet of courage , transit from leo to virgo , on 6th septmeber , and 3.21 am will not only have personal impact but also major changes in india and in the world. As Mars , called mangal, the son of mother Earth , has important position in astrology. Mars will remain in leo , till 22 nd october 2021.

Venus the planet of luxury and love life ,its considered saumya graha as other planets can easily affect venus planet. Venus is not only for aquairing luxury but how to use it gracefuly that is decided by position of Venus. Collecting money and utilizing money correctly is decieded by strength of it. Its a significator of creativiry.

Venus will transit in libra its mooltrikon rashi , on 6 th septmeber 2021 at 12.39 am to 2 nd october 2021. Its time for all signs to buy good quality gift for your partner. Here you cant afford to compromise with cheap gifts. You will benefit if you praise your partner.

For the world:

1) Mars trasit IIn virgoo the sign of mercury , may cause earthquakes and storms in north west regions

2) Mars transit will cause major transformations in political affairs.

3) Mars transit will be beneficial for medical field.

4) Venus transit from its debilation sign to its own sign in libra. It will bring good balance , in regard to finance , creativity and quality of life.

5) Venus transit , the world will focus on organizing , building new relations and improving connectivity with other countries.

Effect on Aries :

Venus transiting your seventh house , which is 10th from career house , so chances of growth in career , and promotion in job Is there. Your business will increase during this period because of a support of a female candidate in your office. Your partners support will be there for getting aquanted to new people.

Venus in its own house in liabr a, gives good results regarding spouse and marital happiness. You will be nurturing your relationships. You will make sure there is harmony in the family and your decisions will be to maintain balance in the family.

You will be very generous towards your partner. If you are looking for a partner for marriage this is excellent phase to get married. Your partner will be very attractive and exactly as you are looking for. You will prosper after marriage. No financial constraints.

Remedy: Donate white and black blanket to the temple.


Venus being the lagan lord , in sixth house which is house of enemies , stress, health issues. You will be uncomfortable in facing challenges of career, finance and relationship. As per my observation if you are looking for a partner you are not comfortable meeting new people as venus is in 6 th which is 12 th from 7 th , you get attached with somebody from past , somebody known.

Married couples if they disrespect their partner they loose glow, shape and beauty. You get skin issues like white patches . which leads to less confidence . You get isolated from your social groups .On the other hand if you give love, respect to your partner and spend money on your partner this phase gives you prosperity. Venus getting aspect from Jupiter so overall results will be towards positive. Promotion in your job.

Remedy: Respect your partner , and spend money on him/ her.


For Gemini Venus is in 5th house, house of love affair. Very soon you will find a love partner , its time to express your feelings to your partner. .As Venus is lord of 12 th and 5 th house, that indicates foreign trip for education in possible. Good Period for changing job. Good Opportunities for getting new job. Major focus will be o child. Keep appearing for interviews , expect postive results in mid october. Married couples can plan for a baby.

Health issues , be careful of abdomen area.

Remedy: Donate jewellery , sarees to female children. Feed them , Touch their feet and take blessings.


As venus is transiting in your fourth house, its Good period to buy a new vehicle, property and renovate the existing home.

Remedy: Buy a home decor piece for your home


In third house , house of hobbies, media , communication and Venus's own house , aspects 7 th house , that will give you success in your business . You will enhance your creativity , might travel to explore new opportunities. Happiness in married life. Good support from siblings.

If you are in spiritual field , like conducting yoga classes, healing, tarot card reading , you will get success . You will get good news from children. You might get blocked money . You may have to travel long distance for your business. You might travel for pilgrimage.

You might meet someone influential , who will help you in future. Be careful of your diet and avoid arguments.

Health should be good.

Remedy: Gift rose quartz bracelate to your younger female sibling or a friend.


Venus in your second house , will improve your relationship with your family. Your Bank Balance will increase. You might get promotion in September month. Efforts will be appreciaed and you will get support from your friends. Your Reputation will be good. Good period for making major changes in your business. Traveling is possible for business.

If you are jobless, there are chances to get a job. Investment in shares in real estate, medical tourism related investment will be beneficial. your partner might overspend in this period. Its good time to invest in properties.

You will spend time with opposite gender people meaning males will spend time with females and vice versa. You might become very famous in your organization. You will enjoy your work environment.

Remedy: Gift crystal pendants to female members of the home

Libra :

Its raj yoga for libra as Venus the lord of first house , transits in its own sign. Your all past problems will start getting solved. You will feel very strong during this phase. You might get hidden wealth through inheritance. Health will improve . Expect victory in court cases . Libra rashi is a air sign , multrikon rashi , represents business, social life, friends, show off, glamour, public image. long term Partnership in business will be beneficial. Good yog for marriage.

Venus , activating 8th house will bring good transforamtion in your life. You will spend money on luxurious items.

Scorpio :

Venus is the lord of seventh and twelfth house for Scorpio rashi. You might travel abroad for your career. You have to folllow rules. Expect good support from your partner. you will spend good quality time .Control your expenses in September month.

Sagittarius :

Venus will transit in your 11 th house . You will get attracted to people who are spendthrift , smart with convincing abilties ,and living glamours life style. If you are looking for a partner its time to propose the one you love. A good quality gift and praising your partner can make your work easy. Venus also rules 6 th house which is house of competition , so expect little stress .You will remain very social. New connections will be the source of happiness. Health wise the time is favourable.

Capricorn :

Venus transiting in your 10th house, its lord of your fifth and tenth house. It will give you name , fame as jupiter and sat aspects venus in 10th house. Work hard as you are going through sade sati phase. Avoid job change and be respectful towards your seniors. Health wise period is good.

Aquarius :

Venus transiting your ninth house , its lord of 4 th house. Good results for finance. Your income will increase. Your family will support you. Jobless people will find Job. Expect apprehencion and promotion. Health will be good.

As 9th house is 6 th from 4 th house, stress to mother. So make sure things bothering your mother all resolved as soon as possible.


venus transiting in your 8 th house lord of 3 rd house. Travelling , Writing blogs about occult is possible. Spend time in meditations , Yoga. Do not invest in speculations. and take very good care of your health. Do not be rude to females. Expect sudden gains through inheritance. Write time to sign the documents.

Marriage proposals will be there in september month. Litlle extra fforts and things will go to next level.

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