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What is Angel Therapy & it’s Benefits?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

When it comes to Angel Therapy, most people find it superficial, once you experience the magic of Angel Therapy in your life; it will become an integral part of your life. The very basic requirement for the therapy is – it requires your trust in your omnipresent angels to provide relief from mental problems or daily issues or problems that are beyond your control.

Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels. Who are archangels? They are like the managers of the angel world. Depending on the exact style or expression of the therapeutic procedure, patients may attempt to establish the connection directly or with the aid of an angel therapist.

Angels are universal so they are not limited to any religion. Whatever your religion, or lack of religion, or spirituality, the angels are available to help. Basically, their purpose is to serve us and they are happy to be called into action any time.

How do the Angels help us?

If people experiences are to be believed, we all have our own angel with us right from the moment of our birth. Angels also come in and out of our lives all the time but most of us are unaware of their presence. There are many different types of Angels and each one can help us both on an emotional level and spiritual level. By connecting with their energy you can learn to heal yourself and others. Often angels appear either as unobserved or observed in times of great crisis.

What is the experience like of the therapy?

How does it feel when you meet your family after a long time? How are your emotions when you meet your best friends after years? The feeling after therapy is similar, magical. There is a sense of calmness within you, you feel missing part of you coming back to you.  Expect a co-creative experience in which you, the practitioner, and the angels all come together.

Is it for you?

The angelic realms are the next step for those already on a spiritual path who are ready to go deeper. Even those who are not on the spiritual path can try this therapy if there is stress and life seems difficult to manage.

Benefits of Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is one of the best methods of clearing blocks to losing weight or getting in better shape, ultimately making us happier with ourselves and our bodies.

Lower emotions and disempowering thought patterns are released as part of the treatment.

It cures physical illnesses such as asthma, menstrual problems, menopausal problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other illnesses that conventional medicine fails to treat.

It works with psychological problems such as stage fright, anxiety, social anxiety and lack of self-confidence in certain situations.

If you know someone who you think will benefit from the therapy session or someone who wants to learn the Angel Therapy can enroll with Gitu for a four-days course.

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