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WHAT IS d3 dreshkon/ Drekana chart in vedic astrology

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When you wish to know about your younger siblings like number of siblings , their nature , gender, and your realtion with them , check your drekana D3 divisionsional chart. Also wealth gain losses through siblings , legal matters, support , strenghth For couples who wish to have second , third baby , yog , gneder can be checked from Drekana chart of First Child .

We know in Natal chart , 3 rd house is house of siblings, and natives courage, bravery , hidden personalit and inner behaviour . D3 chart is prepared by dividing each house of natal chart into 3 parts , each of 10 degrees. We Get 3x12 36 divisions in 12 signs.

Planets degrees is checked, planet in first 10 degree they are placed in same drekkana. Planets with degrees between 11 and 20 are paced in 5 th drekkana ( count 5 th rashi from present Rashi) eg: if Mars in 13 degrees in leo rashi in D1, It will be placed in sagittarius in D3, as sagittarius is 5 th rashi from Leo.

Planet with degrees 21 to 30 are placed in 9 th drekana - i.e 9 th rashi from current rashi in D1. Eg: Jupiter with 22 degrees in Aqaurius in D1 , will be placed in Libra Drekkana.

What is the meaning of 1 st , 5th and 9th drekkana- First Drekkana is reperesented by sage Naradha Drekkana, it siginifes spiritual pattern of the native and its relations to the siblings.

5th drekkana is represented by Sage Agastya that represents mental , psycological aspects of th native.

9 th drekkana is represented by Sage Durvasa, that talks about physical and sensual comfort .

When you rotate the chart , make 3 rd house of D3 as first house , You can interprete about your younger sibling , by considering this rotated chart as D 1 chart of your younger sibling.

Eg: d3 chart is with Gemini Ascendant , consider third house leo as lagna and leo ascendant chart is your younger siblings d1 chart , meaning you can find about his perosnlity through first house that s leo, bank balance through second house that isvirgo and so on.

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