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What is the meaning of Akashic records reading? How to read akashic ?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Akashic reading refers to the process of accessing and interpreting information from the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records, often described as a cosmic or universal database, are believed to contain the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul, thought, and event that has ever occurred in the universe. Some spiritual and metaphysical traditions assert that this information is accessible to individuals who are able to attune their consciousness to higher frequencies.

In an Akashic reading, a practitioner, often known as an Akashic reader or intuitive, taps into these records to gain insights, guidance, and information about a person's past, present, and future. Here are key aspects of an Akashic reading:

Accessing the Records:

  • The reader typically follows a process, often involving meditation, visualization, and intention-setting, to connect with the energy of the Akashic Records.

Client's Questions:

  • The individual seeking the reading (the client) may come with specific questions or areas of their life they want guidance on. These questions can be related to relationships, career, life purpose, or any other aspect.

Receiving Information:

  • The reader claims to receive information from the Akashic Records in the form of impressions, images, symbols, feelings, or even direct messages. This information is then communicated to the client.


  • The reader interprets the received information, providing insights, guidance, and sometimes predictions based on the energetic patterns and information found in the Akashic Records.

Empowerment and Healing:

  • The goal of many Akashic readings is to empower individuals by offering them a deeper understanding of their life path, challenges, and opportunities. Some practitioners also believe that accessing the Akashic Records can facilitate healing by bringing awareness to past experiences and patterns.

It's important to note that beliefs in the Akashic Records and the practice of Akashic reading are rooted in spirituality and metaphysics. The concept is now universally accepted. Individuals interested in Akashic readings often approach them with an open mind and a willingness to explore spiritual and intuitive dimensions.

Guide to read akashic records for self:

The concept of Akashic Records is rooted in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions, suggesting a cosmic repository of information about every soul, thought, and event in the universe. Different belief systems may interpret and approach the Akashic Records differently. Here are general steps that some people follow in attempting to access or read the Akashic Records:


  • Start by preparing yourself mentally and spiritually. This might involve meditation, deep breathing exercises, or any practice that helps you relax and focus your mind.

Setting Intentions:

  • Clearly state your intention to access the Akashic Records. This is crucial for aligning your energy and focus toward this specific goal.

Protection and Grounding:

  • Some practitioners emphasize the importance of protecting yourself energetically and grounding your energy before delving into spiritual practices. This can be achieved through visualization or using protective tools like crystals.

Raise Your Vibration:

  • The Akashic Records are often thought to exist on a higher vibrational plane. Engage in activities that help elevate your vibration, such as practicing gratitude, surrounding yourself with positive energy, or engaging in activities that bring you joy.

Quiet Your Mind:

  • Achieve a state of mental stillness. Meditation is a common practice for this purpose. The goal is to quiet the chatter of your mind to enhance receptivity to higher-level information.


  • Some people use visualization techniques to imagine accessing the Akashic Records. This might involve picturing a library or a book that represents the records.

Ask for Permission:

  • Some practitioners believe it's important to seek permission or guidance from spiritual guides, guardians, or the Akashic Records keepers before attempting to access the records.

Use a Gateway:

  • Imagine a gateway or portal that allows you to enter the Akashic Records. This could be a door, a staircase, or any symbolic representation that resonates with you.

Trust and Openness:

  • Be open to receiving information in various forms, such as images, feelings, thoughts, or symbols. Trust the process and avoid overthinking or analyzing the information as it comes.

Record Your Experience:

  • Have a journal or recording device ready to document your experience. Details can fade quickly, so capturing your insights immediately after the session can be helpful.

Closing the Session:

  • When you feel you have received the information you need, close the session consciously. Thank any guides or entities you may have called upon, and express gratitude for the experience.

Remember, the ability to access the Akashic Records is highly subjective and varies among individuals. It's essential to approach such practices with an open mind and a respectful attitude. If you're new to these concepts, consider seeking guidance from experienced practitioners or spiritual teachers who can provide support and insights.


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