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What should be the weight of the Gemstone ? Astronumerologist Gitu Mirpuri.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Gemstones can give immediate results if worn with correct weight and procedure .


1) Weight of the stones should be decided , considering the age of the native. if natives age is

25- 35 age group ........ He should be prescribed 4.5 carat stone

35- 45 age group .............He should be prescribed 5.5 carat stone

45- 55 age group .............He should be prescribed 6.5 carat stone

55- 65 age group .............He should be prescribed 7.5 carat stone

65- 75 age group .............He should be prescribed 8.5 carat stone

2) Gems should be worn in right hand only.

3) Gems should be without any scratch and black dots . It should be with lusture.

4) Gemstone pooja day ,wear same colour clothes, on particular day of the planet.

Stone Day Colour of the clothes Planet

Ruby Sunday Red Sun

Pearl Monday white Moon

Coral Tuesday Red Mars

Emerald Wednesday Green Mercury

Yellow saphire Thursday Yellow Jupiter

Diamond Friday white Venus

Blue Saphire Saturday Dark Blue Saturn

Gomed Saturday Brown Rahu / Uranus

Catsye Thursday grey Ketu/ Neptune

5) Eg: To wear Ruby , wear red clothes on sunday, use red colour sheet to put on the floor, sit on the red sheet. Ruby pendant / ring in Gold should be kept in a bowl of raw milk , along with bowl of ruby , kalash with mango leaves , coconut , should be kept on red cloth. Flowers, dhoop, incense is used for pooja. Chant mantras of Surya for 216 times. then wash the ring with clean water and wear it.

Sundays you should use red clothes that will keep activating your Gemstone

6) Metals used for making ring / pendant/ bracelet

Number stone metal time to wear finger

1 Ruby Gold morning 8 to 10 am Ring Finger

2 Moon Silver morning 8 to 10 am small Finger

3 Yellow Saphire Gold morning 8 to 10 am Index Finger

4 Gomed panchdatu 5 metals evening after sunset Middle Finger

5 Emerald Gold morning 8 to 10 am Small Finger

6 Diamond white Gold morning 8 to 10 am Ring Finger

7 Catseye Panchdatu evening after sunset Ring Finger

8 Blue Saphire Panchdatu evening after Sunset Middle Finger

9 Coral Copper morning 8 to 10 am Ring Finger

7) Before wearing Gemstone , you can wear particular colour of the stone in the form of clothes for few days . Meaning if you have decided to wear Ruby, wear red clothes for few Sundays, or you can keep red Handkerchief with you. If it gives you progress in your work and good sleep you can definately go for Ruby.

8 ) If wearing Gemstone is not suitbale for you, you can keep the Gemstone with you in your purse / vallet. It works for you and gives you good Results

9) Gemstone should be bought with ceeritificate from a genuine lab , to verify the authenticity of the stone.

10)Stone Bought from a

Genuine Astrologer who has good intentions for you, works faster for you.


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