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Yantra Making Course

Yantra making course:

The Yantra Making Course introduces students to the ancient art of creating sacred geometric diagrams, known as yantras, which are used for meditation, spiritual practices, and manifestation of intentions. Through this course, you will learn the symbolism behind different yantras, how to design and draw them accurately, and the significance of colors and shapes in yantra creation.

Key Highlights:

Learn the ancient art of creating sacred yantras

Understand the symbolism and significance behind different yantras

Step-by-step guidance on designing and drawing yantras

Discover the power of colors and shapes in yantra creation

What you will learn:

Create Sacred Yantras

Learn how to create powerful yantras for meditation and manifestation.

Symbolism and Significance

Understand the deep spiritual meanings behind each yantra design.

Design Techniques

Get hands-on experience in designing intricate yantras with precision.

Color and Shape Dynamics

Explore the impact of colors and shapes on yantra energy and intention manifestation.

Yantra making course Contents:

Introduction to Yantra Making

Understanding the significance of yantras

Materials required for yantra making

Basic principles and concepts

60 Types of Yantras

Sri Yantra

Shri Chakra Yantraanesh Yantra

Navagraha Yantra

Designing and Drawing Yantras

Geometrical patterns and symmetry

Step-by-step guide to drawing yantras

Personalizing yantras

Coloring and Energizing Yantras

Color symbolism in yantras

Methods of coloring yantras

Infusing energy and intentions into yantras

Advanced Yantra Techniques

3D yantra making

Mantra chanting and yantra combination

Yantra activation rituals

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