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Yogmaya Therapy Master Teacher Classes in Pune (Online classes also available)

What is Yogmaya Therapy

Yogmaya Therapy consists of ‘Salvia Mantra Rahasya’ where 4, 50,000 mantras are converted to 450 symbols.

It is very effective healing to fix the areas in our life which are missing; for example, Love, Marriage, Relationships, Money, Friends, Vastu etc.

It consists of use of thumb impression, symbols, incantations, attunements and much more.

Yogmaya is a combination of all deities and guru’s energy; that is, 84 crores of brain cells or universal (9 planets and 5 elements) energy.

In Hinduism, Maya is known in many forms: illusion, wealth, love, etc. In Yogmaya, it is wisdom and infinite power.

According to mythology, Yogmaya is called “Devi”. It’s a very simple meditation technique to heal past karmas and get freedom from karmas. This leads to a great respite from sorrows and diseases. Through this high frequency gaining therapy, we can get quick and sure success in spiritualism and astral science powers.

Use of Thumb Impression in Yogmaya Therapy:

This is a scientific technique of healing.

Through an individual’s thumb impression, we can detect each and every problem he/she is suffering from.

By detecting the problem, remedies are given and made sure that the problem is never repeated.

Shalvik Mantra Rahasya :

This is Maharishi Shalvik’s immensly powerful healing technique. It consists of depiction of over 4,50,000 mantras in the visual form of 450 symbols.

These symbols can be learnt by anyone, of any age group, to invite happiness into their lives by getting rid of suffering from sorrows, troubles and diseases.

Yogmaya Therapy Workshop includes:

  1. Introduction to Yogmaya

  2. History of Yogmaya

  3. 100 powerful attunements

  4. 21 self attunements

  5. Thumb impression reading to find out the ailments

  6. Cells construction of human being

  7. 450 symbols and usage

  8. How to find out numbers

  9. Preparing Healing charts and techniques

  10. Meditations to feel the power, showered by the saints and sages

  11. Powerful initiations

Contact Gitu Mirpuri (7350007427)

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