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Amethyst pendants for healing head , brain , memory

Amethyst pendants for healing head , brain , memory


Crystal energized pendants for healing all ailments



Amethyst :

Buy Natural Original Amethyst pendant online, weighing carats (roughly ratti).

Amethyst has many benefits such as its removes sadness and grief. Its February month Birth stone. This gem is Unheated and Untreated. The value of the stone is good considering its qualities and results. This gem is certified and its lab certificate are available on our online store.

• Gemstone


• Treatment

Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)

• Cut


• Certification

Indian Certified

• Shape

Oval and rectangle

• Composition


• Return Policy

No return policy

• Colour



Birthstone zodiac sign

Aquarius and Capricorn


• Exact Dimensions

• Dimension Type


• Specific Gravity


• Refractive Index

1.540 - 1.550

• Weight (carat)


• Weight (ratti)


• Weight (g)


Styling Tip:

Rock your favourite white dress with this stunning pendant.


Use amethyst for :

1) Redeuce stress

2) Reduces Anxiety

3) Reduce Depression

4) For Good sleep

5) Cure Headaches

6) Cures Migraine

7) Heals bones and joints

8) Cures skin diseases

9) Cures Fatigue.

10) Actives third eye chakra

11) Helps in spiritual progress

12) Helps in Regeneration of Cells

13) Awakens Sixth Sense

14) Avoids Mishappenings

15) Brings Calmness

16) Brings sense of Responsibility

17) Improves eye vision

18) It Pacifies Saturn Planet

19) Makes you cooperative


We use AAA amethyst stones for our pendants and other jewellery , which are shiny and rich in colour



Which Zodiac Signs can wear amethyst crystal ?

Amethyst helps one in overcoming the Negative effects of Saturn Planet(shani) which is the most strict planet amongs 7 planets. If it becomes malefic then it takes person from riches to rags. So in this case one can be be blessed with money, respect and good health by wearing amethyst. Astrologer Gitu Mirpuri suggests this stone to people whose zodiac signs are Aries, cancer, Leo and Scorpio.


Where to place amethyst :

You can place it in your bedroom also in your kids bedroom.

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