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Have you ever cheked , if all your bosy chakras are balanced and working properly?


With scanner you can check if chakras are Balanced , For this samples of chakras are given that need to be inserted in the scanner and one by one chakras can be checked. 


Remedies for Root chakra: Black tourmaline crystal.


For Sacral Chakra:


For Solar plexus :


For Heart Chakra:


For Emotional hurt:


For Throat Chakra :


For Third Eye chakra:


For seven chakra healing and Crown chakra: 

clear quartz


For  seven chakra:


Some Simple & Effective Vaastu Shastra Remedies for Home, House, Business, Factories , shops & Offices  available at Gitu's Divine Touch ,  India’s Leading Vaastu Dosh Nivaran consultations and  Products  Dealer - Online & Offline in Pune, India at Wholesale Prices.


We have Vastu Remedies for every direction’s Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast,North, South, East ,West and Brahmasthan, etc. Also for  extentions , cuts, wrong door, wrong strairs, bathrooms, toilets, .


Vaastu consultations and products are useful for career, finance, health, progeny, education, realtionship , and spirutal problems as well.


We have tried and tested these remedies over the last 2 decades and they are bound to give you the results as promised.


Why Shop from Us?

Over 25 years of Trusted products

Only Honest & Genuine Advice is Given.

New, Tried & Tested Effective Vastu Products Available Every Week.

Vastu Products for Good Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Money Abundance, Goodluck, Harmony & Peace, Harmonious Couples Relationship, Eduction, Progeny and Religious Giftings.

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Buy Vastu Remedies Products for Home, Shops, Business & Office that is simple & easy to apply Online India


GITU DIVIN E TOUCH 0091 8208740750

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