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Bagua with 2 flutes for overhead beam rectification

Bagua with 2 flutes for overhead beam rectification

SKU: c402

Bagua with 2 flutes gives you protection from over head beam negativity.  


Overhead beams causes very  serious health issues  in the home or business location. Beams carry the burden of whole structure , Any one sitting under overhead beam feel overburdened in his life. Beam  generate very heavy negative energy , One has to be very careful about any overhead beam i


In the bed room if one sleeps under the beam , can suffer from ailment of the body part which comes exactly under the beam. If beam passes over th head , person might suffer from brian cancer , Simlarly if beam passes over stomach , one might suffer from stomach issues. 


One can have  bad luck because the beam . Beam over the dining table is also considered negative.  Students studying under  a beam can not focus  on their studies . Hence any kind of important activities like sleeping, working or studying under the overhead beam should always be best avoided or cured by following strong Vastu remedies like bagua mirror and 2 flutes.



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