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Dream Catcher Incense

Dream Catcher Incense

SKU: C101

Dream Catcher Incense , helps in menifesting 



Dream Chakra:-"Chakra", the Sanskrit word for "wheel", refers to seven site specific concentrations of energy emanating from the body. Each of these Chakra centers is thought to govern its own expression of associated bodily, emotional and spiritual energy, but each is linked and in tune with all the others. When one or more of the chakras is over- or under-expressing its associated energy, it's thought to manifest as imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. When all of the chakras are balanced in their expression, the expression of physical, mental and spiritual well being is manifested.




7 chakra incense helps in the following:       Purification  The first and foremost effects of chakra incense are cleansing. What the incense does is enter your chakra stream and eject or flush out the negative energy.       Meditation  Another use of chakra incense cones and sticks is the ability to meditate easily. When the soothing incense fragrance enters your brain, you will be relaxed to meditate easily.      


Grounding Just like electricity turns chaotic without grounding, the energy inside our body turns chaotic when excess is not drained periodically. That is the quintessential job of a crown chakra incense. 


Anger Management : Do you feel like you end up doing or saying irrational things when you can’t control the anger? Next time don’t try like that. Instead, light up a heart chakra incense and see the magic. ·     


Manifestation :I will be discussing the markers to use when you work with crystals and incense. But, did you know incense on its own is a powerful manifestation energy? It makes you enthusiastic and proactive towards your goals. ·      '


Sleep By resetting the circadian rhythm in the body, incenses alleviate underlying symptoms and causes of insomnia. The relaxing scents in your bedroom while going to sleep can cure many somnipathies and change the way you wake up too.    


Good Fortune  You can call it Wealth or good Luck, but incenses do bring you prosperity. It keeps the rooms aerated in your house and filled with clean scents that attract positive energy.    


  Astral Travel : Yet another enchanting benefit of chakra incense is the traveling the cosmos. If the incense is strong with third eye chakra effects, you will travel the galaxy with dissociative effects. Try to sleep with such a stone for powerful lucid dreaming sessions.


 Powerful Chakra Incense Fragrances to use in Daily Life : Defined as the wheels inside our body that keeps us moving and alive, chakras constitute the bedrock of spiritual and physical healing. When you use a chakra incense in your everyday life, you’re transforming your aura and chakra energies instantly. Find out how do crystal lovers use chakra powers of incenses to become powerful.


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