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Elephant skin Jasper Pyramid for hair grwoth

Elephant skin Jasper Pyramid for hair grwoth


Crsytal Remdies for hair growth :


Jasper Pyramid for hair growth . Elephant sking Jasper , activated third eye when used in meditation .  It helps all tarot readers, angel therapist, akashik reader and theta healers to reach the higher realm where one can access data from past and previous births , they are looking for.


 Because of yellow colour it also activcates solar plexus thus removes the fear  and gives a feeling of protection for a therapsit and a healee. 


Use this stone when you feel  that you are stuck , cant move further in your life in any direction.  This stone can be used in pyrmids,  or  tumble form as well ,will help you to see the light and right path waiting for you. 




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