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Facetate 10 carat and above Citrine pendant in Silver

Facetate 10 carat and above Citrine pendant in Silver



Facetate very good quality 10 carat and above Citrine pendant in Silver . You can choose design of your choice and customise pendants in your favourite design. 



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Shipping Outside India is as par actual shipping rates.


Citrine:-Citrine: All stomach disorders infections ,acidity ulcers, gastritis, can be cured with  it gives courage and self confidence.It removes fear. It helps in weight loss.


For pacifying Guru Jupiter planet.



For propserity 


Removing Fear


  • Gemstone

    Yellow Sapphire
  • Treatment

    Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)
  • Cut

  • Composition

  • Return Policy

    No return policy
  • Origin

  • Colour



The cost price of the stone is provided and its price per carat can be calculated by dividing the cost price by stone weight  or price of the stone can be calculated by multiplying weigh of the stone 


The stone is hence popularly also known as  Ctrine, and Sunhaila.. Wearing pendant, rings or bracelet in Gold with Citrine  has many benefits. This stone  is stated to be Unheated and Untreated.


The value of the stone is good considering its properties and effects. This gem is certified and its photos, video and lab certificate are available on our online store.


In Vastu one can use it North East - direction , 30 citrines to enhance opportunities ,Good luck , positivity and  cures head realted issues, like migraine, headaches, brain tumour, brain cancer,lack of sleep, lack of concentration.

Any Negativity because of toilet, shoe racks and any bulky furniture items , can be removed by placing Yellow saphire on auspicious nakshatra in Vastu.



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