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Helioder immunity  Booster

Helioder immunity Booster

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Heliodor immunity booster also boosts mental telepathy ,manifestation ,will power ,confidence. it creates a connection between energy of your mind and your willpower. it resonates with crown chakra that motivates and energize your thinking .It helps you to move your life forward in the way that you desire. when you are lacking energy and when you are suffering from stress and anxiety  should go for heliodor it's a gift of 🌞 the sun.


Heliodor is the stone from beryl family. Heliodor is the stone for children with less confidence and willpower. It connects teanagers to their right guide thus they can be saved from depression, suicidal thoughts.


You can  make a pendant, bracelate , earings, or ring or can be used in any jewellery form.  weight of the stone doesnt matter for semiprecious, you can go with your intuition to choose the weight of the stone. Heliodor can be kept in the vallet , purse or on your work table, study table. you can feel the vibration of this stone around you and slowly it effects. You can gift these stones to your loved ones , to help them come out of their problems.  People who introduce crystals in others life are called light workers. To know more about crystals yo can join crystal healing online class


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