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K2 Crystal Beads - Rs. 1000 per mala (58 beads)

K2 Crystal Beads - Rs. 1000 per mala (58 beads)

SKU: C002
K2 Crystal Mala of 58 beadsK2 is a high vibrational and powerful stone, helping us to have more control over our own emotions and to feel much more centred and balanced. \n \nIt helps us to share with others our very deepest thoughts and private feelings, indeed, it is an excellent stone to promote harmony within a group, particularly if that group really needs to pull together as one. It promotes empathy within us and helps us to understand other peoples point of view. \n \nIt helps you use positive words in your life and ensures that what you speak is understood in a nice way. ' \n \nIt is very useful in sales profession which involves a lot of convincing - this stone will help you present facts in a convincing manner. \n \nIn relationships, this stone can help patch up during fights, because it encourages active listening.

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