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kuan yin pendant

kuan yin pendant


Kuan Yin Pendant
👉 These Chinese pendant with the inscription of shou axing, Kuan Yin, Lao and Lu shin, is very auspicious and each has a great meaning in it. 
👉 The photos of these various Gods and Goddesses on the pendant symbolizes good fortune, increases your mental power and knowledge.
👉 It protects the person from Misfortune, I’ll health and brings blessings from the Chinese God and Goddess.
👉 Wearing the pendant with will help to protect you when you are away from home, visiting friends, traveling on business or family tours.
👉 It protects against enemies, illness and negativity. 

Placement :- 
🔸 These pendants can be worn with red thread or tie with gold or silver on any other metal chain as per choice. 
🔸It can also be hanged in the car, at house main door for protection.
🔸 Keep it on altar, purse, pocket.

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