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Lava Chakra Yantra

Lava Chakra Yantra

SKU: C102
Lava Chakra Yantra:- \n \nLava Chakra Yantra balances & aligns your Chakra Energy Centres. \n \nHOW TO WEAR FOR THE 1st TIME ? \n \n1 ⭕ Wear your CHAKRA YANTRA bracelet in your right hand in morning on any given day. \n2 ⭕ Keep your CHAKRA YANTRA in contact of your skin as much as possible for enhanced energy flow. \n3 ⭕ You may take off your CHAKRA YANTRA when required, like while sleeping / showering or exercising and keep it in your CHAKRA YANTRA Purity Box. \n4 ⭕ Always think positively while wearing your CHAKRA YANTRA to activate the flow of positive energy. \n5 ⭕ You will start to feel the changes in yourself as soon as your Chakras start getting healed and aligned.

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