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M003 - Powerful and Calming Hypnosis Meditation for Anxiety

M003 - Powerful and Calming Hypnosis Meditation for Anxiety

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Hypnosis is a technique that is used to calm down the conscious mind and speak to the sub-conscious mind using commands and affirmations. It is a safe practice and is known to give amazing results for a lot of ailments. Hypnosis is an effective healing technique for mental illnesses, focus related issues, anxiety, depression and forgetfulness. This Hypnosis meditation for Anxiety is created for helping you gain relaxation and control over your feelings and emotions. It contains powerful affirmations for long lasting relief from anxiety and irritation.



  1. Most effective when done daily, either early morning or before sleep at night.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and keep all your stress and activities aside.
  3. When you sit for meditation, ensure you have switched off all devices and disconnected from activity.
  4. During the meditation, it is common to see a myriad of colours, vibrations and become extremely sensitive to energy and emotions.
  5. Allow the experience to unfold as it happens, without judging or forceful analysis.
  6. Thoughts are bound to come but let them flow as part of meditation. Bring your focus back to my voice.
  7. It's a good practice to maintain a journal to record any specific thoughts, ideas, answers and insights that might have arrived during meditation. 
  8. Symbols, images, feelings, etc. can be recorded and later on, analysed to apply to your current life. 


Duration: 41 minutes

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