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Magical Dowsing Cards Pack (123 Cards)

Magical Dowsing Cards Pack (123 Cards)

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Magical Dowsing Cards for highly accurate divine guidance using crystal pendulums.


Dowsing charts are tools used in the practice of dowsing, which is an ancient method of divination or intuitive searching for information. Dowsing charts typically consist of a circular or rectangular chart with various symbols, numbers, or words arranged in a specific pattern. Dowsers use tools like pendulums or dowsing rods to access information or answers to their questions by interpreting the movements of these tools over the chart.

The dowsing process usually involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: The dowser must be in a calm and focused state of mind before beginning the dowsing session.

  • Question Formulation: The dowser must formulate a clear and specific question to seek guidance or information about a particular topic or issue.

  • Choosing the Chart: Depending on the type of question, the dowser selects an appropriate dowsing chart that matches the nature of the inquiry. Charts can vary widely, from simple yes/no or multiple-choice options to more complex charts for detailed answers.

  • Holding the Tool: The dowser holds the pendulum or dowsing rod lightly and allows it to move freely.

  • Asking the Question: The dowser asks the question aloud or mentally while focusing on the chart.

  • Interpreting the Movements: As the dowser asks the question, the pendulum or dowsing rod may begin to move, indicating an answer. The movements could be in the form of swings, circles, or other patterns.

  • Analyzing the Response: The dowser interprets the movements of the pendulum or dowsing rod in relation to the symbols or options on the chart to derive the answer or guidance.


To learn complete course on dowsing :


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