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Rose Quartz love duck for marraige

Rose Quartz love duck for marraige

SKU: C047
₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,500.00Sale Price

Rose Quartz love duck:-    Rose quartz love ducks


This pair of rose quartz ducks is to be placed in the southwest of your home or bedroom. \nChoose the Mandarin ducks as a feng shui cure to attract love only if you genuinely, completely and absolutely feel the energy of love and devotion when you look at them."


Size 4 to 5 inches 



Rose Quartz Bracelet for love realtionship.Rose quart crystal  for true love , marriage. You can use it as a mala, rosary for chanting mantra. Rose quartz enhances beauty by helaing your heart chakra. Its for self love,self esteem and bonding between family members.


To know more about rose quartz watch these videos:


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