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Shivalingam black tourmaline 1598 gms

Shivalingam black tourmaline 1598 gms

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Shivlingam ( big size )  :-


I t gives postive energy to your body.It improves overall health and well being. Any stone in Shiva lingam shape can be used for Kundalini awakening the Kundalini energy rises up the spine from root chakra and through each of the chakras and it emerges at the crown can be uchakra.

It send to help problems of sexual nature It is also so helpful to relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps .For men it heals the disorder of prostrate and impotence, For females it is used for healing of reproductive organs and infertility. it resonates with third eye chakra so it enhances a direct connection to the higher self. It helps you in overcoming the habit of judging others it encourages forgiveness. It gives feeling of togetherness and community is beneficial for women to relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps .For men it helps in healing disorder of the prostrate and it also assist in impotence. For female it cures infertility.


Tourmaline A favourite of all.

This Crystal has a subtle energy which makes people calm isntantly. It is a protection crystal from all lower energies, psychic attacks and evil eye.It is also a stone for grounding and manifesting everything you desire. Working with this stone can be miraculous for everyone.

The black tourmaline is popular to be one of the most powerful and effective stones, which may protect and heal you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, as well as physically.The black tourmaline is a stone that you must never be without as it may protect you against any accidents, sickness, misfortune, as well as everything, which brings unhappiness or negativity.This stone may also help you in a lot of ways. All of the negative ions of the black tourmaline may encourage clear thinking, as well as lightheartedness.


  • Ensure smart decision-making
  • Encourage happiness and luck
  • Support your efforts to improve self-discipline
  • Heal old woundsEncourage and enhance meditation
  • Relieve phobias, self-doubt, and anxiety
  • Strengthens immunity
  •  Relieves stress and anxiety
  •  Promotes detoxification
  •  Increases alertness
  •  Supports organs
  • Eliminates toxic heavy metals
  •  Helps circulation
  •  Improves metabolism
  •  Improves self-confidence
  •  Grounds energies - associated with root chakra
  • Balances and clears chakras and aura

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