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Vastu Helix for rectifing 4 directions

Vastu Helix for rectifing 4 directions

SKU: c400

Helix are designed , by refering to our vedic scriputres. Metal , shape and size is to balance 4 elements.  Minimum 3 helix set has to be used to get the results.


North  East Helix : Helps to  cure head related issues, like brain tumour, brain cancer, migraine, headache, memory loss, Insomnia. 


North West : For abroad travels, Visa, for meditations, and emotional healing


South East : Fire Element , For cash inflow, for grabing opportunities, for savings, For raising standard of Living


South West - For Stability , for legs realted issues. 


set of 4 helix - 3 icnhes in size 









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