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catseye stone in astrology

Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cats eye gemstone or Lehsuniya stone in Hindi  is a special gemstone for planet ketu also called dragon tail. Unlike other gemstones the cat’s eye gemstone is an opaque gemstone which is hot in its constitution. The factor which makes cats eye gemstone an outstanding gemstone is its significant affliction with a vengeful planet of the solar system the Ketu which denotes the south node of the moon.  The Ketu planet into actual does not have any physical existence it is a shadow planet. It is always in reto position and gives sudden and unexpected results.

Nonetheless, it has been contemplated with the status of Planet due to its competency to create or make significant impacts on the life of an individual.  The planet Ketu is recognized to hold karmic influences,; thus, the ferocious planet affects the lives of all individuals either in a positive manner or negative manner as per their existence or presence in the horoscope of a person.

Cats eye can cure diseases like genital disease, paralysis, lukemaia, cancer, asthma,fainting fits,skin disease, mental worries,insanity also disease caused by mars. It saves from enemies and accidents.  It gives wealth from shares, horse racing,gambling. For students , catseye gives them good fruits of their hardwork.

Catseye with yellow saphire can cure fears and tensions.

writers ,scholars,philosophers,people in business of electricity, computers,chemicals, medicines, and politicians can use cats eye stone.

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