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Houses in astrology

Updated: Jan 15

Houses in  astrology

First House: This house is also called the ascendant or lagna. This house signifies personality, body, environment at birth and other physical aspects. The lagna rules over the head and the face and determines the degree of activity .

Also lagna represents body, limbs, happiness, unhappiness, old age, knowledge, birth place, fame, dreams, strength, dignity, political life, longevity, peace, age, hair, appearance, stigma, honor, skin, sleep, wisdom, wealth, nature to insult and to avenge, freedom from ill health, nature to renounce, ability to do work, loss of decency, defamation from kinsmen.

Second House: Normally this house is called the house of wealth. This house signifies financial situation, profit and gains, loss or damage and all his moveable goods. It rules the neck, throat and right eye. It determines the degree of prosperity, which the individual will enjoy in life.

Also second house represents speech, wealth, faith in sacred texts, maintaining others, nails, enjoyment of pleasures, truth and falsehood, tongue, eyes, clothes, precious stones, pearl, determination or control, artificial products, family, sale and purchase, soft speech, generous or charitable nature, efforts to acquire money, helping others, friends, splendour or grace, miserliness, great eloquence, learning, gold, fine silver, corn, humility, nose, firmness or steadiness of mind, close follower or neighbour, following the rules of going and arriving, powerful or prosperous living.

Third House: This house signifies brothers, sisters, neighbours, environment of the family, short journeys, correspondence and messages, perception and adaptability of the individual. This house rules the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. This house is also considered to be the house of courage. This house is also important to judge longevity of an individual.

Also third house indicates courage, brothers, war, ears, feet, road, land or place, mental instability, ability or fitness, abode of gods, causing sorrow, dream, soldier, valor, one’s near relations, friends, wandering, throat, taking clean food, power, partitioning of inheritance, ornaments, good qualities, education, pastime or hobbies, strength, profits, physical growth and developments, descent from good family, servants, maid servants, small good vehicle, short journey, pilgrimages, great undertakings, performing personal religious duties.

Fourth House: This house is seen for mother, inherited tendencies, the environment during the early childhood and old age, landed property and conveyance. The house rules over the stomach and breast and also determines the native’s relations with mother, environment, and property holdings.

Also fourth house signifies education, government work, house, travels, Vehicles, oil bath, mother, relatives, friends, caste, clothes, small well, drink, milk, spices or perfumes, happiness, good name, good medicine, faith or trust, false allegations, auspicious place, victory, agriculture, land, pure or steady intellect, character, loss of house, paternal property, livestock, abundance of crops and wealth.

Fifth House: This house signifies love affairs, entertainment, speculation and children of the individual. It rules the heart and the back. It determines the degree of success or failure in love affairs and pleasures. This house is also considered to be the house of education and intellect. This is an important house to judge the line of education or break in education.

The fifth house signifies children, virtuous deeds of the father, king, minister, good character, discretion, umbrella, auspicious documents, mantras, paternal property, clothes, foresightedness, wealth and prosperity through wife or her relative, affairs with loose women, profundity or seriousness, firmness, secrets, humility, good reporting of news, welfare, friendship, undertaking good work, stomach, upasana or worship, splendor, distributing food, wisdom, deep thoughts, means of earning money, having musical instrument, acquiring the post of minister.

Sixth House: It signifies the needs, afflictions and care of the body, servants, subordinates, dress and hygiene, maternal uncles and aunts. This house is important to find seat of any disease. The house also indicates enemies and financial debts. It rules the intestines and solar plexus and also determines the state of the native’s health.

Also the sixth house signifies diseases, obstacles, fighting in war, maternal uncle, phlegm, tumor, cruel or fierce activities, madness, small pox, foes and enmity, miserliness, ill-health, venereal boils, debts, slanders, delight of the foes, tuberculosis, healed constitution, wounds, mental agony, worry, hater by many, frequent disease of the eyes, receiving alms, untimely food, fall or loss from enemies, profits, poison, peptic ulcer, fetters, urinary aliments, dysentery, six flavors, sorrow from servants and theft, imprisonment, quarrels from brothers and others.

Seventh House: This house signifies marriage and business partnerships. This house is also important as it is the house of public reputation. It rules the veins and the kidneys. In the case of women this house signifies the ovaries. This house determines the degree of happiness and success the native has from marriage and from partnership.

Also the seventh house reveals the following marriage, loose sex life, victory in love and passion, hatred of a loose women, deviation from the right or proper path, having perfumes, music and flowers, delicious food, drinks, and the like, break in travels, curd, loss of memory, possessing cloths and the like, semen, husband’s (or wife’s) purity, a pair of wives, generative organ, urinary track, anus, commerce and trade, milk, sweet or pleasant mansion, food with cereals and ghee, charities, valor, destruction of enemies, victory, distant place, arguments, sexual union, adopted son, preparations with ghee, own place, foreign or distant place, wife or husband, all secret sex affairs, theft.

Eighth House: This house signifies inheritance, legacies, wills etc. This house also speaks about longevity of marriage. In case of women this house is called “Suhag Bhava”. The house is seen to judge the longevity of marriage or danger to husband. This house is also considered the house of inheritance. It also helps in determining the cause of death of an individual. It can help in computing the longevity of an individual. This house rules over the organs of generation.

Also eighth house represents longevity, happiness, disgrace or defeat, money coming out of death of someone, afflicted face, worry about or arising from death, absence of quarrels, sorrow from an ailment, worries arising from brother, enemy, wife (or husband), the fortress of enemy, misery or worry, idleness, fear of punishment from government, loss of money, debts, long awaited journey, arrival of wicked person, sin, killing of live being, loss of limb, capital punishment, terrifying sorrows, series of afflictions, cruel acts, battle and utmost mental anguish.

Ninth House: This house signifies religion, philosophy, long distance travel, relationship with foreigners. This house also rules over thoughts, dreams and visions. It rules over the hips and thighs. This house determines the philosophical and religious beliefs of the native. This house is seen for travel and success a person will enjoy in far off countries.

Also ninth house signifies charity, virtuous acts, pilgrimages, penance, respectful devotion and service of the teachers and other elders, purity of mind, worship of gods, efforts to learn, splendor, travel or conveyance, fortune or prosperity, polity, valor, listening to or spreading good stories, travels, worshipping Shiva, nourishment, coming into contact with the virtuous, auspiciousness, paternal property, sons and daughters, eight forms of wealth and livestock, coronation, temple, Vedic rituals and sacrifices, circulation or distribution of money.

Tenth House: The tenth house signifies ambition, fame, worldly position, power, promotion and elevation of status. This house helps in finding out the career of the native. This house signifies skeleton and knees. It also helps in determining the degree of success in business. This house also indicates the honor that is conferred on the native.

Also the tenth house means commerce, honor from the ruler, riding on horse, wrestling, government service, agriculture, doctoring, fame, buried or hidden treasure, sacrifices and the like, teachers, religious yantras or symbolic diagrams, chanting of sacred spells or mantras, mother, wide spread religious merit, medicine, thighs, god, acquisition of power of mantra, prosperity, adopted son, lordship, right path, good living with self respect, honor, a prince, fame, expert teaching ability, authority using seal, influence, self control, mind that gives orders to be obeyed.

Eleventh House: This house is normally considered the house of gains. Normally this house is seen for financial gains. This house also signifies windfall gains. This house is also seen to judge the chronic nature of any disease. This house also signifies friendships and aspiration of an individual. This house rules the legs, ankles in particular.

Also the eleventh house indicates gains in all possible ways, evil desires, all forms of income, dependence on others, elder brother, paternal uncle, worship of the gods, worship of sattvic deities, education, great skill in earning gold and money, ancestral property, ornaments and precious stones, wealth, lost wealth, wisdom, position of minister, profits, rise of fortune, achieving the desired goals, easy or good returns, cooking, desires, longevity of mother, ears, shanks, skill in the art of painting.

Twelfth House: This house signifies unseen difficulties, impairment of the senses, seclusion and secret enemies of an individual. It determines the amount of freedom enjoyed by the native. This house also signifies foreign and foreign connection. Expenses and Loss also come under the purview of this house.

Also the twelfth house indicates disturbed sleep, mental worry or anguish, the two feet, fear from foes, imprisonment, freedom from sufferings, relief from debts, elephants and horses, paternal property, enemy, ascent into heaven, left eye, hated by the public, crippled limbs, loose sex life, break-down of marriage, loss of power of authority, kept in chains in an enemy’s house, mental imbalance, miserable condition, harm, wounded by the thought of the loss of happiness of father and brothers, disputes, anger, physical ailments, death, migrating to a different place, expenditure of all kinds, loss of wife or husband.


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