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Name Numerology - How to choose a lucky name for you or your business

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Name numerology

Is it possible to know who you are and what you will become?

Actually, yes. One can find who he is and what he will become. Numerologist Cheiro and other Indian Vedic numerologists have used name numerology to predict who one is and what one would become in life. It is possible with Chaldean name numerology and Pythagoras Name Numerology too.

Digits 1 to 8 are assigned certain alphabets in Numerology. In numerology, every alphabet vibrates with a particular frequency or vibration of planets. In Chaldean name numerology, we add the numeral values of all alphabets used in your nick name or just first name or full name to predict numerology forecast. In Pythagoras numerology, only the full name that is there on our legal documents is used for predictions.

Meaning of the name can be found by adding digits assigned to alphabets in your name. The two digit number we get from our name total is called a compound number. Every name has unique vibrations based on the meaning of compound number.

Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are considered very powerful.

Our expression number, soul urge number and karmic number, mental vibrations and material vibrations in our name decides if our name is lucky for us. Name numerology number should be compatible with our ruling and destiny number or life path number. Also for marriage match making, name numerology numbers of both the partners should be matching.

Expression, soul, karmic, destiny, mental and material vibrations in our name tells us about our personality, special qualities, who we are and what we will be. Also we come to know what lessons we are here to learn in this birth.

We can't change our birth date but by changing the name numerology number one can change the personality, luck and destiny to really follow our soul assignment and we learn the lessons, or work on negative qualities in us to improve our soul.

See some of the numerology readings that Gitu Mirpuri has done below to get a flavour of name numerology.

When you should apply Name Numerology:

  1. When you want to name your child according to the best numerological guidance

  2. When you are starting a new venture

  3. When you wish to relocate to a new place - even city names can be favorable / unfavorable

  4. When you have two offers in hand and wish to choose the best one for your career growth

  5. When you are facing issues with luck and success

To learn Name Numerology under the tutorship of Gitu Mirpuri, please connect with her directly on Whatsapp on +(91) 7350007427


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