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Shahrukh Khan | DOB 2.11.1965 | Numerology Analysis

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

2nd November 1965

Shah Rukh Khan was born on 2.11.1965

Ruling number 2

His date of birth is governed by planet moon. It makes him very emotional, loving, caring, cooperative, surrounded by friends, highly social, listens to his heart, is very sensitive and good at creativity.

He also has good imagination, is artistic and romantic with an appealing physique.

His mind is always full of doubts and fantasies. He is very intuitive; he can read the minds of others.

He must be very attached to his mother.

Moon personality also makes him financially lucky.

Number 2 people are given less financial burden. They are very lucky in relationship, as they give first priority to their partner and family.

His destiny number is 7


7 number is governed by Ketu/ neptune .

Ketu makes him wise, compassionate and  and spiritual as 7 is the number of spiritual energy.

Ketu is the number of spirituality, so he is a strong believer of Allah. He is always vibrant because of his faith in higher powers. He is always ready to help the needy.

A quality of introspection takes them to heights in career, finances and relationships.

Number 7 people always underestimate their potential.

7 destiny numbers mostly suffer from kidney problems. One should be very careful about health; specially kidney troubles and  should pay attention to their intake of water.

His soul urge number is 5

a+u+a=1+3+1 = 5

Shah Rukh Khan's karmic number is also 5

s+h+h+r+k+h+k+h+n=1+8+8+2+8+5=32= 5

5 is the number of Mercury which makes him good  in giving dialogue delivery, good in communication, convincing, and earning money through multiple fields and sources.

His soul desire and karmic desire is business and and diversifications.

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